[ASA] PhD Internship opportunities for Astronomy/Astrophysics students with the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute

Christopher Fluke cfluke at swin.edu.au
Thu Aug 1 13:22:38 AEST 2019

Dear ASA Student Members,

Through the generous support of Astronomy Australia Ltd., we are seeking two current Astronomy/Astrophysics PhD students to undertake research internships with the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute (Melbourne).

Our goal is to provide opportunities for PhD students to apply their data analysis skills to solve challenging, data-driven problems in the early detection of heart disease.

PROJECT BACKGROUND: Early identification or prediction of the likely onset of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity are crucial to improving public health. The Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute is a globally significant medical research organisation working to address these medical challenges. In partnership with the Centre for Astrophysics & Supercomputing and the Iverson Health Innovation research Institute at Swinburne University of Technology, the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute is investigating the translation of data-driven processes and techniques from astronomy and astrophysics into the domain of medical imaging and diagnosis, with the aim of developing faster, more robust, and more powerful diagnostic tools.

The goal is to apply established and well-tested methods from astronomy and astrophysics to the early detection of heart disease, through two initial projects:  (1) detection of early aortic valve disease; and (2) quantification of cardiac calcification.  In both cases, discovery and diagnosis requires new visualisation and analysis methods within a data-intensive context.

The internships are offered through the APR.Intern program:

Applications close on 21 August 2019.

For more information about the projects, please contact:

  *   A/Prof Christopher Fluke (cfluke at swin.edu.au<mailto:cfluke at swin.edu.au>)
  *   Dr Ned Taylor (entaylor at swin.edu.au<mailto:entaylor at swin.edu.au>)

For more information about the application process, eligibility, or other PhD internship opportunities with APR.Intern, please contact:

  *   Alan Nguyen, APR.Intern Business Development - Vic  (a.nguyen at aprintern.org.au<mailto:a.nguyen at aprintern.org.au>)

This Project is an initiative of the Australian Government being conducted as part of the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy and administered by Astronomy Australia Ltd.

Chris [on behalf of the AstroMedical Innovation team]

Assoc. Prof. Christopher Fluke
E-mail: cfluke at swin.edu.au<mailto:cfluke at swin.edu.au>
Centre for Astrophysics & Supercomputing
Director, Advanced Visualisation Laboratory
Digital Research Innovation Capability Platform
Swinburne University of Technology
CRICOS number 00111D

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