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Stuart Wyithe swyithe at unimelb.edu.au
Mon May 6 09:04:07 AEST 2019

Dear ASA members,

Over the past years the ASA Council has maintained a list of priorities, annually reviewed and updated. While this process has led to many positive outcomes it does not easily facilitate the identification or undertaking of larger or more financially significant projects that may be of benefit to the Society. During 2018 the ASA Council therefore undertook a strategic planning exercise to understand the longer term goals of the Society, and to allow short term priorities to be placed in a broader strategic context. Following input from ASA Chapters through their steering committees as well as incorporation of feedback received from members, the ASA Council is now pleased to present the ASA strategic plan.

The ASA Strategic Plan and accompanying Statement of Activities and Priorities may be viewed at the ASA website.


The Strategic Plan aims to articulate the priorities of the ASA, and seeks to identify opportunities with the goal of maximising the effectiveness of the ASA in achieving these priorities.

Best regards,

Stuart Wyithe
(ASA President)

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