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Gavin Rowell growell at physics.adelaide.edu.au
Mon Mar 18 22:00:30 AEDT 2019

Dear Colleagues,

A long-running discussion amongst those of us working in high energy 
astrophysics and astroparticle physics has been the topic of a
discussion forum to gather ideas and share thoughts about current/future 
projects and funding plans.

A further key idea behind this list is to think seriously about the case 
for an ARC Centre of Excellence in Astroparticle Physics at some stage.
Such a centre would ideally gather topics that are not covered by the
present and planned CoEs, complement these other CoEs, and of course
aim to address several big questions.

In no particular order, the topics one might include are:

1. High energy photons and particles
2. Relativistic flows - jets, collimated beams etc
3. Extreme environments - neutron star winds, core collapse, shock accel
4. Indirect (astronomical) dark matter searches
5. Standard model at extreme energies (> EeV?)
6. Exotics - Lorentz invariance, axions..

Feedback on this list of topics on this list is certainly welcome
as I'm sure there are some topics missing.

To subscribe to this list, please follow the link below.


Over the coming month or so, the list will be used to organise a series
of disussion telecons in order to get things started.

Please also forward the above website to any colleages you think would be
interested and they can subscribe in the meantime.

all the best


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