[ASA] Cherenkov Telescope Array - South Site Agreement

Gavin Rowell growell at physics.adelaide.edu.au
Fri Dec 21 11:08:27 AEDT 2018

This week, a major milestone was reached for the Cherenkov Telescope Array 
(CTA) with the signing of the CTA-South site hosting agreements.

CTA is the next-generation TeV gamma-ray observatory and six Australian
institutes are involved in CTA (Uni. Adelaide, Uni. NSW, Uni. Sydney,
West. Syd. Uni., Monash Uni., ANU), via funding from the ARC, and NCRIS
through Astronomy Australia Ltd.

The CTA-South site in Paranal Chile, will host 99 of CTA's Cherenkov
imaging telescopes (19 more will be built at CTA-North, La Palma, Spain,
with the first one inaugurated there in October).

During this week, three agreements were signed:
- Chilean Government and ESO,
- ESO and CTAO (CTA Observatory),
- CTAO and CONICYT (Chilean National Commission for Science and Technology)

With the agreements signed, preparations at the CTA-South can commence from
2019, aiming for telescope construction there starting 2020.

Further details can be found at the links below:



Gavin Rowell

(for the CTA-Australia consortium - https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/KjbWC81Zj6tgPJxQt1K68R?domain=cta-observatory.org.au).

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