[ASA] LSST 2018 Project and Community Workshop Registration Open - 1st Announcement

Sarah Brough s.brough at unsw.edu.au
Tue May 8 09:53:49 AEST 2018

Dear ASA Members,

The LSST 2018 Project and Community Workshop will be held in Tucson, 
13-17 August this year. This is a great opportunity to learn more about 
LSST and meet some of the other scientists working on the project. If 
you are interested in attending, registration details are below.

I am involved in organising a Blended-targets workshop as part of this 
meeting, from Tuesday 14 August to Thursday 16th August. This will allow 
astronomers from across the different science collaborations (solar 
science to cosmology) to come together, discuss and work on issues 
related to blended targets in LSST.

I'm happy to answer any questions people may have,

Cheers, Sarah

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> Dear LSST Colleagues,
> Registration is now open for the LSST 2018 Project and Community 
> Workshop which will take place at The Hilton-El Conquistador 
> <https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/W07WCK1qJZtLYEmDUMAfNr?domain=hiltonelconquistador.com> in Tucson, AZ the week of 
> August 13, 2018. Register here 
> <https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/3wmmCL7rK8tLgj4kUqtVSC?domain=project.lsst.org>.
> We would like to invite you to a week of face to face interactions 
> with your LSST Community and Project colleagues. There's lots of 
> excitement and activity across the LSST Project as integration of 
> hardware and software brings us closer to a functioning telescope 
> system, and LSST Commissioning ramps up. Unfortunately, facilitating 
> remote participants at previous meetings has proved to be demanding on 
> our resources and lacking in sufficient positive results. Therefore, 
> remote attendance to breakout sessions at LSST2018 will not be an 
> option. We hope to see you in person in Tucson, otherwise, you can 
> watch Plenary talks through a non-interactive Bluejeans broadcast.
> The week will focus on Project topics beginning Monday morning, 
> overlapping with the Community workshop on Tuesday, which will run 
> through to Thursday. Friday morning will be used to report on the 
> breakouts and wrap up the week, and the afternoon will be available 
> for continued work and discussions with your colleagues. There will 
> also be an optional Blending workshop from Tuesday to Thursday (more 
> details on the website). Meeting spaces will be available all day 
> Monday through Friday to support breakouts, requested mini-workshops, 
> and sub-system specific working meetings - so please suggest anything 
> that you would like to see at LSST 2018!
> What to do:
>  1. REGISTER ($80/day) here:
>     https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/3wmmCL7rK8tLgj4kUqtVSC?domain=project.lsst.org. If you
>     don't have a login request one by clicking "Create new account" on
>     the page.
>  2. SUBMIT your plenary and breakout sessions suggestions by May 14
>     here <https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/PEtSCMwvLQTjLOW2FJNEMq?domain=project.lsst.org>
>     (login required). The LSST community forum can be used as a
>     playground to generate and consolidate ideas for sessions. If you
>     wish to submit a session that someone else will run make sure they
>     are onboard with the idea before submitting.
>  3. VOTE on all suggested topics after May 28, so that we can create
>     an agenda that is most relevant for everyone
>  4. ENJOY productive time with your LSST community in Tucson in August!
>  5. USE #LSST2018 for social media posts
> The overall meeting website is here: 
> https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/U27RCNLwM9ioQlXZURYOGV?domain=project.lsst.org
> Hotel booking information will be emailed to you with your conference 
> registration confirmation.
> /(As a reminder to Project Personnel, all travel on LSST Project Funds 
> must be pre-approved and flights booked through LSST Travel 
> Administrator Erin Carlson - ECarlson at lsst.org 
> <mailto:ECarlson at lsst.org>, additionally Project Personnel ///should 
> register using the coupon code supplied by their supervisor/s)/
> On behalf of the LSST Project Office
> -- 
> Ranpal Gill
> Senior Manager - LSST
> +1 (520) 309 6195
> _______________________________________________
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> Science at lists.lsst.org <mailto:Science at lists.lsst.org>
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