[ASA] Fwd: ESO - Call for Proposals: Maintenance and Development of La Silla-Paranal Pipelines

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Apologies, I’m using the blunt instrument of the ASA exploder to draw the attention of all Australian institutions to this ESO call for proposals, and to get expressions of interest from those institutions who would like to hear more about this (or future proposals, if not interested in this particular one).

If your institution is so interested, please let me know and I will give your institutional details to ESO. (Note that the existing list of Australian institutes is both incomplete and (in part) redundant!

Hereafter I hope there will be a more sophisticated process for dealing with such calls for proposals coordinated by an ESO industry liaison officer from the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.

Cheers, Matthew.

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Subject: ESO - Call for Proposals: Maintenance and Development of La Silla-Paranal Pipelines
Date: 3 May 2018 at 19:14:35
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Cc: Alexandra Specht <aspecht at eso.org<mailto:aspecht at eso.org>>

Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

We would like to provide the information, that ESO has initiated steps towards the competitive Call for Proposals for the Maintenance and Development of La Silla-Paranal Pipelines.
In order to be in line with the applicable procedures for Call for Proposals, we would like to contact you as Scientific Delegates at the ESO Council, for the identification of potential institutes in your country (see attached the relevant regulation in Article 2.2. “ESO procedure for the selection of collaborating Institutes”, March 2014, Rev. 1.1.).

You are therefore kindly requested to suggest institutes in your respective countries that might be able to do this work for ESO, if you know interested institutes and contacts which are not yet listed as attached.

You will find attached for your information and for that purpose:

 - the Synopsis (short description of the project);
 - the list of institutes which ESO has so far identified as potential bidders to be contacted (also using our categorised database).

We would also kindly ask you to send a short e-mail if you do not have any additional suggested institutes to be invited for this Call for Proposals.

In case you would provide any inputs, please can you send them to us, if possible, latest by Friday, 25th May 2018.

We thank you very much in advance for your inputs.

With kind regards,

Johannes Schimpelsberger


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