[ASA] IDEA Chapter Update

Sarah Brough s.brough at unsw.edu.au
Mon Jul 17 14:43:31 AEST 2017

Dear All,

Following the IDEA Chapter lunch meeting at the ASA ASM last week I 
wanted to update everyone on our Chapter news. As of today I would like 
to welcome our new steering committee chair: Dan Zucker (AAO/Macquarie 
University), with other members:

Kate Chow (CSIRO)
JJ Eldridge (U. Auckland)
Jimi Green(CSIRO)
Laura Wolz(U. Melbourne)
Katie Jameson (ANU)
Andrew Cole(U. Tas)
Ahmed Agali(UWA & Student Rep)

Many thanks to outgoing committee members: Fiona Audcent-Ross (UWA, 
Student Rep, Secretary), Andrew Hopkins (AAO, ASA council Rep), 
Katherine Mack (U Melbourne), Celine d’Orgeville(ANU)andJill 
Rathborne(CSIRO) for all of their efforts in making Australian astronomy 
a supportive working environment for all.

We have made some changes to the Pleiades Award selection criteria for 
the next award round and those will be on available on the IDEA chapter 
webpages (https://www.asa-idea.org/) in the next few weeks.

I would also like to share an article ASA immediate-past-president Prof 
Virginia Kilborn and I wrote showing that if you make an effort in 
tackling gender equity you can have a positive effect:


Many Regards,


A/Prof Sarah Brough
ARC Future Fellow
School of Physics
UNSW Sydney
PH: 02 9385 5470
Office Days: Mon-Thurs

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