[ASA] Reminder - Student and Full Member Nominations Needed for the Inclusion, Diversity and Equity in Astronomy (IDEA) Chapter of the ASA Steering Committee

Fiona Audcent-Ross fiona.audcent-ross at uwa.edu.au
Tue Jun 13 11:46:29 AEST 2017

Wanted!  Motivated student and full member diversity champions as well as committee chair to promote and assist the career development of minority groups in our astronomical community.  Nominations are due by 19th June, so it's time to let our returning officer know you are interested in getting involved.  Personally I have found being on the committee is very rewarding and not an onerous time commitment.

The details on how to nominate yourself for one of the positions are set out below.  If you have any questions please get in touch with myself or any of the other committee members (https://asa-idea.org/about/steering-committee/).

Kind regards,

Fiona Audcent-Ross - IDEA Secretary (and student representative) (email fiona.audcent-ross at icrar.org)
Sarah Martell - Returning Officer (email: s.martell at unsw.edu.au)


The IDEA Chapter of the ASA aims to promote and assist the career development of minority groups in the Australian astronomy community. The Chapter represents minority groups working in astronomy in Australia, raises awareness of issues faced by these groups and undertakes to establish best practice guidelines for supporting the inclusion of these groups in our community.

The IDEA Chapter has been active for over seven years, and has organised activities that have been beneficial to both women and men working in astronomy, including:

- Organised highly successful national workshops (Women in Astronomy/Diversity in Astronomy)
- Conducted special sessions at the ASA Annual Science Meetings
- Organised ‘Speed-Meet-a-Mentor’ sessions at the ASA Annual Science Meetings
- Organised Rainbow Allies Dinners at the ASA Annual Science Meetings
- Collated statistics on women in Australian astronomy
- Lobbied for best practice for organisations in STEM, and
- Organised the Pleiades Award initiative with 9 Bronze and 4 Silver and 1 Gold levels awarded to organisations over the past 2 years

ASA members are welcome to join the Chapter by registering at the ASA’s new membership site (https://asa.wildapricot.org - click on the CHAPTERS tab to do this).

The IDEA Chapter is run by a steering committee that plays a leading role in devising and implementing initiatives to fulfil the Chapter’s goals. The committee consists of a Chair, six steering committee members, a student representative, an ASA Council representative and an Early Career Researcher Chapter representative. Terms are held for two years (full representatives) and one year (student representative).

We are now inviting nominations for the committee Chair, three full committee members and one student representative by 19 June.  These positions are open to all Chapter members and we particularly encourage members from diverse backgrounds to consider nominating for one of these positions.  Existing steering committee members can renominate if they wish. If there are more nominations than positions we will then ask the chapter members to vote online in due course.

The election schedule is:

- call for nominations:               5 - 19 June
- election period:                      23 June – 7 July
- results announced:                 11 July (at ASA ASM IDEA Chapter Lunch)
- new positions commence:       17 July

Please email your nomination to the Returning Officer for this election (Sarah Martell: s.martell at unsw.edu.au), as my committee position is also up for re-election. Each nomination must include a brief paragraph summarising your interest in the position and how you envisage contributing to the broad goals of the Chapter.  Please note that this information will be made available to voters.

At this stage on behalf of the IDEA committee I would like to thank Sarah Brough, Katie Mack, Celine d’Orgeville, and Jill Rathborne for their contributions.  I have also reached the end of my one-year term and am stepping down.

Kind regards,

Fiona Audcent-Ross - IDEA Secretary (and student representative)
Sarah Martell - Returning Officer (email: s.martell at unsw.edu.au)

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