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David Fisher dfisher at swin.edu.au
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Dear Colleagues

Please pass this information to interested students:

2016/17 Swinburne Vacation Scholarship Program Seeking Applications


The Centre for Astrophysics & Supercomputing (CAS) accepts applications for
Vacation Scholarships from enthusiastic university students with excellent
scholastic records who are in the last, or second last, year of their
undergraduate or Honours/Masters degree.

With 16 research faculty and more than 30 post-docs and PhD students, CAS
is a vibrant, friendly environment for studying most fields of astronomy.
Swinburne astronomers have guaranteed access to the twin Keck 10-m
Telescopes in Hawaii - the world's premier optical observatory - and CAS
owns and operates one of Australia's most powerful supercomputers - the
Green & Gstar Machines . We also develop advanced immersive 3D data
visualization facilities and create 3-D animations and movies promoting and
explaining astronomy to the broader community.

This program is open to undergraduates at Australian & New Zealand
universities. Applications from students outside of Australia & New Zealand
with exceptional scholastic records may also be considered.

Scholarships will generally last between 8 and 10 weeks, to be negotiated
between the student and their nominated supervisor. Vacation Scholars are
paid a tax-free stipend of $500 per week.

Applications should include the following:

- A cover letter (see below for further information);
- A copy of your official academic record, including an explanation of the
grading system used;
- Your Curriculum Vitae;
- Any supporting documentation of previous research.

- Applicants should also ask a lecturer or supervisor at their current
university to send a letter of recommendation. This should be sent by the
lecturer/supervisor directly; applicants should not include reference
letters in their own application.

Please send application materials too: dfisher at swin.edu.au

Please contact me if you require further information.
David Fisher
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