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Hi All,

The GMT Data Archive document is available for review/comment.  The GMTO science archive will be a data center from which archive users will be able to access raw data (as delivered directly from the instrument), as well as processed data. The archive will serve as a data delivery mechanism for new scientific data as it is produced by the instruments and undergoes preliminary processing. All GMT data need to be captured and archived independent of PI or other program’s disposition of (their) data. Queue observing requires proper distribution of data to various PIs; an automated method of doing this through the archive is a cost- effective solution. Time-sensitive observations such as transients might best be handled through the archive. The archive will also provide long-term curation of data. Having an observatory-supplied and supported means for keeping this valuable resource available for current and future scientists is important.Finally, providing a structured method of querying science data can be important for instrument and telescope troubleshooting. 


Please send questions and comments to me, and I will inform the GMT SAC.


-Andy Sheinis, GMT SAC Rep for AAL

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> The data archive document is now on the shared web site. The link (I think - I am not good dropbox) is
> https://www.dropbox.com/home/GMT%20SAC/Public%20SAC%20Working%20Group%20Docs?preview=GMT-Science_Archive.pdf
> I add (in red) three questions on the cover page of the document. We would like to get general feedback but particularly would love the get feedback on these questions.
> Anita
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