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Matthew Colless matthew.colless at anu.edu.au
Fri Jul 29 14:09:05 AEST 2016

Australia-Subaru instrumentation workshop

10 August 2016, Mount Stromlo

Representatives of the Subaru Observatory are visiting Australia for the AAL Board meeting on 11 August in order to discuss the potential for Australian partnership in Subaru.

As part of the discussions on that topic, the Subaru representatives would like to explore the ways in which Australia could engage with the Subaru instrumentation program. AAL is therefore organising a half-day workshop where Australian instrument scientists can meet with Prof. Nobuo Arimoto (Director, Subaru Telescope), Dr Ikuru Iwata (Associate Director, Subaru Telescope), and Dr Yosuke Minowa (Subaru Telescope AO scientist).

The workshop will be held at Mount Stromlo (in the Common Room) on Wednesday, 10 August. The exact time of the meeting and a proper agenda will be circulated early next week, but an initial indication of topics is as follows:

  *   The Subaru instrumentation program (Iwata)
  *   Brief summaries of Australian instrumentation capabilities
  *   Open discussions on specific instruments/technologies of interest, such as:
     *   Subaru PFS (Prime Focus Spectrograph)
     *   Subaru ULTIMATE (next-gen wide-field AO-fed NIR MOS)
     *   Subaru GLAO and LTAO systems
     *   Wide-field and IFU spectrographs
     *   Fibre positioning systems
     *   Adaptive optics systems
     *   Optical and infrared detectors
     *   Software for instrument control and data analysis

The goals of the workshop are:

  1.  to identify areas where Australia could potentially make significant in-kind contributions to Subaru instrumentation as part of a possible partnership arrangement;
  2.  to identify specific small developments that Australia and Subaru could immediately initiate in order to develop the potential in-kind contributions and increase mutual confidence in working together.

In order to keep the workshop focussed, numbers will be limited. If you are interested in attending this workshop, please email Director.RSAA at anu.edu.au<mailto:Director.RSAA at anu.edu.au> by Wednesday, 3 August.

Mark McAuley
Warrick Couch
Matthew Colless

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