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***Please read distribute to your you members***

Dear STA presidents and leaders of STA member organisations,
The following STA executive committee positions are open for nomination,
and will be determined at the STA AGM on November 27, 2015:

•    Vice President (Two year appointment)

•    Treasurer (Two year appointment)

•    Ordinary member (One year appointment)

•    Early Career Researcher (One year appointment)

A candidate must be a financial member of a member society and receive the
support from two other individuals who are themselves members of a member

If you are interested or know of others who may be please read/forward
the further details below or get in touch to discuss. Nominations are due
by *5.00pm, 13 November 2015. *

I would ask you to turn your minds to the treasurer position in particular,
with any suggestions very gratefully received.

*Jeremy Brownlie, Secretary STA*

*and *

*Catriona Jackson, CEO STA *

*Nominations for STA Executive Committee positions*

The constitution provides for a steady renewal of the Executive with 4
positions becoming vacant each year, to be voted upon at the Annual General

This year the positions are:

•    Vice President (Two year appointment)

•    Treasurer (Two year appointment)

•    Ordinary member (One year appointment)

•    Early Career Researcher (One year appointment)

The Executive Committee meets on a monthly basis, generally by

The Board meets at least three times a year, with two of those meeting
being face-to-face meetings.

If you would like to discuss the roles and responsibilities of various
Executive positions please feel free to contact Jeremy Brownlie
(Secretary), Catriona Jackson (CEO) or any of the current executive
members. Their contact details can be found here:


The successful candidates will join Jim Piper (President 2016 & 2017),
Jeremy Brownlie (Secretary), Robyn Porter (Chair of Policy Committee) and
Catriona Jackson (CEO) on the STA Executive.

*Nomination requirements and processes*


Candidates wishing to stand for election to the STA Executive must be a
financial member of an ordinary member of STA. See list here:

Persons who are members of affiliate (general) members only cannot stand
for the STA Executive or Board. Current affiliate (general) members are:

·      Australian Council of Environmental Deans and Directors

·      Australian Council of Deans of Agriculture

·      Australian Council of Deans of Information and Communication
Technology <http://www.acdict.edu.au/>

·      Australian Council of Deans of Science <http://www.acds.edu.au/>

·      Bioplatforms Australia <http://www.bioplatforms.com/>

·      Centre for Nanoscale BioPhotonics (CNBP) <http://cnbp.org.au/>

·      Computing Research and Education <http://www.core.edu.au/>

·      Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations

·      CSIRO Staff Association <http://cpsu-csiro.org.au/>

·      International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) <http://iodp.org.au/>

·      National Tertiary Education Union <http://www.nteu.org.au/>

·      National Youth Science Forum <http://www.nysf.edu.au/>

·      Professionals Australia <http://www.professionalsaustralia.org.au/>

·      Women in Science Enquiry Network <http://www.wisenet-australia.org/>

However being an affiliate (general member) does not preclude a person from
standing for election if also a member of an ordinary member group. If this
is the case the person can nominate on the basis that they are a member of
an ordinary member group.


Candidates need to be nominated by two persons who are financial members of
an ordinary member of STA. Nominees are not required to be from the same
society/association as the candidate.

Nominations need to be made in writing signed by the two nominees and
accompanied by the written consent of the candidate and any supporting
material. The constitution does not define ‘writing’ or ‘signed’ and
therefore email advice of nominations and acceptances is the default method
of notice.

The constitution does not contain a pro-forma notice for nominations nor
specify the words. You may wish to adopt words to the effect:

*I, xxxx current member of xxxx Society, do nominate xxxx as candidate for
the position of xxxx  signed name, Address, Ph, Email No.*

*Nominations close 14 days prior to the AGM. This year the closing date is
5.00pm, 13 November 2015.*

The constitution requires that nominations are sent to the Secretary,
however it is both acceptable and convenient alternative practice to send
nominations to the Chief Executive Officer and who will collate and
organise the documentation.

*Supporting materials*

The constitution provides for candidates to provide supporting materials
for their application. These materials are not defined. Practice has been
to suggest that candidates provide a brief CV (1 page) and a brief (1 page)
written statement to support their application outlining one or more of:

•    their interest in taking the position; and /or

•    their interest in participating in STA; and/or

•    additional relevant comments on their background/skills/interests.

*Providing election materials to the membership*

The constitution requires that the Secretary will ensure that all members
who are eligible receive notification of all nominees and their supporting
materials as soon as practicable after the close of the nominations

In practice this means the CEO collates all the material and emails it to
all Presidents shortly after the deadline for nominations.

*Election at AGM*

All members – both ordinary and affiliate – are entitled to vote at the
elections. Each member has one vote irrespective of the size of their
organisation. (NB: Board and Exec members may attend the AGM but do not
have any votes unless they are the nominee of their society or are holding

A returning officer will be elected/appointed by a majority of members at
the AGM. The returning officer cannot be a candidate. It is also practice
to appoint one or two observers to assist counting votes.

Please note the constitution devolves the electoral process for cluster
representatives on the Board to the members of each cluster thus there is
no formal election process for Board Members apart from the process
outlined above for appointment of Executive Committee Members at the AGM.

If there is only one candidate for an Executive position they are declared
elected. If there are no nominees for any given office holder then the AGM
can accept one or more nominations from the floor of the AGM.

If there are two or more candidates then a ballot will occur. The
constitution states voting is optional preferential except when 3 or more
people nominate in which case full preferential voting is specified (i.e.
number all boxes 1, 2, 3, etc.)

Any candidate who fails to be elected to the position for which he or she
nominated can nominate for any positions yet to be elected (except ECR if
they are not early career). They are not required to indicate in the
nomination process or any time prior to a ballot whether they would be
prepared to stand for subsequent positions.

If you have any inquiries about the nomination/electoral process, please
contact STA Secretary Jeremy Brownlie at j.brownlie at griffith.edu.au 07 3735
7440 or 0434 315 436.

We look forward to seeing you at the AGM on 27th November in Canberra.

Catriona Jackson
Chief Executive Officer
Science & Technology Australia

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Virginia Kilborn
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