[ASA] Fwd: SKA Band 5+ White Paper

Andrew Walsh andrew.walsh at curtin.edu.au
Tue Oct 6 17:14:09 AEDT 2015

I recently sent round the below email to the SKA working group on "Our 
Galaxy" - we are trying to make a scientific case for extending SKA1-MID 
band 5 to 5+, which is the frequency range of approx. 14-24GHz.

If you are interested in SKA science in this range (not just Galactic), 
please see below for more details and please contact me at: 
andrew.walsh at curtin.edu.au

Later. Andrew xxx

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Hi everyone,

I would like to put together a White Paper on the scientific case for
extending SKA-1 Band 5 from the current highest frequency of 13.8GHz up
to 24GHz. I have been encouraged to do this by people within the SKA so
that it might inform the designers about the sort of great science we
can do in this frequency range so maybe they will consider the upgrade.

The White Paper needs to be written on a timescale that matches when the
Band 5+ group will meet on this, which I believe means we need to have
everything done and dusted by the 21st of October (2 and a bit weeks away).

What we need in the document is names of people who support this work,
as well as people to contribute their own science case to the document.


1. If you are supportive of Band 5+ receivers on SKA-1 and wish to be
listed on this White Paper, please email (directly to me only) your name
and affiliation.

2. If you wish to contribute (typically a couple of paragraphs) to the
science case, please either send me these paragraphs by the end of this
week (9th of October) OR send me a promise that you will be able to send
me something early next week on a specific science topic.

I intend to write something for both Galactic ammonia and water masers.

Early next week, I will collate everything and send round an early
draft, with the intention of addressing any final concerns before
sending the White Paper off to astro-ph and to the SKA by the following
week (19th October).

Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, please email me
directly - andrew.walsh at curtin.edu.au

Later. Andrew xxx

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