[ASA] GMT Community Science Meeting: (re)Solving Galaxies in the Era of Extremely Large Telescopes - Oct 1-3, 2015

Gary Da Costa gary.dacosta at anu.edu.au
Wed Jun 17 00:01:10 AEST 2015

Dear All:

Please see the announcement below regarding the 3rd Annual GMT Community Science Meeting.  The meeting is an area where many of the ASA community are active and it provides an excellent opportunity to present results and hear the latest on GMT’s progress.  Plus there is no registration fee and the meeting is being held at a very nice location on the Monterey peninsula in Northern California.

Best regards,

Gary Da Costa and Chris Tinney
(ANU and AAL representatives on the GMT Science Advisory Committee)

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Subject: GMT Community Science Meeting: (re)Solving Galaxies in the Era of Extremely Large Telescopes - Oct 1-3, 2015
Date: 16 June 2015 3:10:58 am AEST
To: Beth Willman <beth.willman at gmail.com<mailto:beth.willman at gmail.com>>, Charlie Conroy <cconroy at cfa.harvard.edu<mailto:cconroy at cfa.harvard.edu>>

Dear Colleagues,

We are writing to announce the third annual GMT community science
meeting.  This year’s conference is titled “(re)Solving Galaxies in
the Era of Extremely Large Telescopes”, and will take place in
Monterey, CA, Oct 1-3, 2015 at the Asilomar Conference Grounds.  The
talk abstract deadline is soon, July 1, and the general registration
deadline is September 1.  There is no registration fee, and travel
support will be provided for graduate students and postdocs.

This 2.5 day meeting will include both talks and discussion time,
including a set of cross-facility breakout discussions.  Because of
this structure, there is space for only a very limited number of
contributed talks, and there will be a lively and extensive
poster session.  We hope that you join us!

Further details, including a link for registration, is available here:

Conference Motivation
For the last 15 years, resolved stellar populations of nearby galaxies
have rivaled distant galaxies in terms of their return on our
understanding of both dark matter and galaxy formation. The detailed
dynamics, chemical and star formation histories of nearby objects
provide a view that is complementary to the average history of the
universe that can be stitched together from observing large ensembles
of unresolved galaxies.  In this conference, we will consider the
questions “What can uniquely be learned about dark matter and the
physics of galaxy formation from observations of resolved stellar
populations?” and “How can we ensure that the next generation of
facilities accomplishes this?”  Through invited and contributed talks
on state-of-the-art, near-field research on dark matter and galaxy
formation and evolution, we aim to (i) pinpoint the highest priority
open questions and (ii) foster new collaborative connections with an
eye on answering these questions with next generation facilities.

Confirmed invited speakers
Deokkeun An, Ewha
Rebecca Bernstein, GMTO
Joss Bland-Hawthorn, Sydney
Mike Boylan-Kolchin, Maryland
Norbert Christlieb, Heidelberg
Maria-Rosa Cioni, Potsdam
Alis Deason, UC Santa Cruz
Alex Drlica-Wagner, Fermilab
Annette Ferguson, Edinburgh
Amina Helmi, Kapteyn
Kathryn Johnston, Columbia
Jason Kalirai, STScI
Nitya Kallivayalil, Virginia
Andrey Kravtsov, Chicago
Justin Read, Surrey
Louis Strigari, Indiana
Daniel Weisz, Washington
Beth Willman, Haverford
Adi Zolotov, Ohio State

Beth Willman & Charlie Conroy
on behalf of the SOC

Charlie Conroy, CfA (co-chair)
Beth Willman, Haverford (co-chair)
Rebecca Bernstein, GMTO
Robert Blum, NOAO
Gary Da Costa, Australian National University
Anna Frebel, MIT
Ken Freeman, Australian National University
Jason Kalirai, STScI
Rich Kron, Chicago
Young-Wook Lee, Yonsei
Lucas Macri, Texas A&M
Josh Simon, Carnegie
Matthias Steinmetz, Potsdam
Risa Wechsler, Stanford
Dennis Zaritsky, Arizona

Beth Willman
Associate Professor and Chair of Physics and Astronomy
Haverford College

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