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Bryan Gaensler bgaensler at dunlap.utoronto.ca
Thu May 7 03:41:39 AEST 2015

Dear all,

Below is a request from Prof Binil Aryal, a professor of astronomy at Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu. Binil is an active research astronomer, has hosted some excellent international conferences, and has supervised many smart Nepali students who have gone onto graduate/postgraduate studies at universities around the world. His department and lab were badly damaged by the earthquake: he needs help from the worldwide astronomy community to replace his equipment and to keep astronomy research going in Nepal.


Bryan Gaensler

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> From: Binil Aryal <aryalbinil at gmail.com>
> Subject: Humble Request From Binil, Kathamdu, Nepal
> Date: 6 May 2015 03:00:24 GMT-4
> Dear friends,
> I am Binil, actively working Astrophysicists of Nepal. Right now I am Head of my the Central Department of Physics. If you remember, me and my students had put lots of efforts to make Kathmandu Black Hole Conference successful.
> Personally me and my family is OK, trying to be normal after facing a very strong Earth Quake (my home is almost damaged, my institute is partially cracked/ our computation lab have almost gone).
> My computation lab (particularly for astrophysics group) and solar energy back-up facility at the department have almost gone because of the massive fall of the walls of the building due to Earth Quake. 
> I had worked hard to build that computation facility in my department since last 7 years. I supervised more than 90 M.Sc. students in that laboratory for their masters' dissertation and now 18 MSC students are working. In addition, 4 Ph.D. students were working under my supervision in that laboratory. Almost 85% CPUs were crashed because of the fall of the wall/selves/windows in my department. Yesterday we tried hard to check all CPUs, Power Storage Battery, Solar panel, projectors and monitors. Country's situation is very bad. Government can not support research stuff, immediately. We badly need support from friends and wishers.
> I request you to circulate this disaster-news to as many as people in your University so that we can get support to immediate make-up the following (so that research activities in Nepal can not be stopped):
> (1) Few used/old laptops (at least 20 / because we have about 90 graduate students including 18 dissertation and 4 Ph.D. students)
> (2) 3KW power Solar Panel + Battery (It will cost about 5000 US Dollar)
> (3) 1KW Inverter + Battery (It will cost about 1300 US Dollar)
> (3) Two used projectors / Two Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes / Dizital Oscilloscopes 
> I can send bank account of my department if you are interested to donate. Your small contribution will be a GREAT for me and my students. If I could not manage support I will be helpless/jobless and can not do more for my students.
> Regards
> Binil
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> ------------------------------
> Prof. Dr. Binil Aryal
> Head
> Central Department of Physics
> Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur, NEPAL
> Tel. 00977 9803221911 (mobile)
>       00977 14912801 (home)
>       00977 14331054 (office)
> Web: http://astronepal.webs.com
> ------------------------------

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