[ASA] ALMA Cycle 3 capabilities - Google hangout - April 2

Jill.Rathborne at csiro.au Jill.Rathborne at csiro.au
Thu Mar 12 15:12:51 AEDT 2015

Dear colleagues,

In preparation for the upcoming ALMA cycle 3 proposal deadline, we are planning to broadcast a presentation from Dr Lars-Ake Nyman (ALMA, Head of Science Operations) via Google Hangout the morning of Thursday, April 2.

The presentation will cover the key capabilities, updates, and relevant information for the community in regards to ALMA Cycle 3. Given the Easter break and the limited time between the Call for Proposals and the deadline (see below), we’ve opted to make this community event more informal than in the past. This presentation will cover important information relating to Cycle 3, so I’d encourage anyone considering submitting an ALMA proposal to participate.

We’ll broadcast the presentation in ATNF’s Marsfield lecture theatre and, if we have sufficient interest, may also run an Observing Tool tutorial in the afternoon.

If you’d like to participate, could you please respond to this message **by Monday March 16** indicating if you’ll likely be (a) participating online or (b) attending in person and whether you’d be interested in the afternoon tutorial.

Jill Rathborne


ALMA Cycle 3 pre-announcement information : https://almascience.nrao.edu/news/alma-cycle-3-pre-announcement

Key dates
24 March 2015: Call for Proposals for ALMA Early Science Cycle 3, release of Observing Tool, and opening of the Archive for proposal submission.
23 April 2015: Proposal Deadline.
August 2015: Result of the proposal review process sent to PIs.
October 2015: Start of ALMA Cycle 3 observations.
September 2016: End of ALMA Cycle 3 observations.


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