[ASA] ANITA lecture: What is gravitational wave astronomy? Paul Lasky -- Wed 20/8 @1pm

Darren Croton dcroton at astro.swin.edu.au
Wed Aug 13 12:22:57 AEST 2014

Dear ANITA and ASA members.

Next Wednesday 20th August at 1pm (AEST) ANITA will hold its next online lecture: 

What is gravitational wave astronomy, and what can it do for me?
Dr. Paul Lasky, University of Melbourne.

ABSTRACT: The dawn of gravitational wave astronomy is fast approaching. With Advanced LIGO coming online in 2015, and Pulsar Timing Arrays already placing interesting astrophysical limits on black hole merger rates, the first direct detection of gravitational waves is imminent. But what are these waves, and how do we know they're there? 

In this talk I will give a pedagogical introduction to gravitational wave astronomy.  Splitting the talk into 3 parts, I will answer a number of frequently asked questions:
What are gravitational waves? How are we trying to detect them? When do we expect the first detections?
What can we learn about the Universe from gravitational wave astronomy? What can gravitational wave astronomy do for my research?
What contributions are Australian researchers making to gravitational wave astronomy?

All are welcome to join! The target audience will range from undergrad to postdoc, however anyone interested is sure to get something out of it.

More details (including lecture notes and slides closer to the day) are available at: http://anita.edu.au/lectures/

Thanks, and see you there!
Darren Croton & Chris Power

The lecture will be held through Google Hangouts on Air.
You'll first need a Google account (e.g. gmail). Log in to it.
If you've never done a Google Hangout before you'll need to install a plugin for your browser. See https://www.google.com/tools/dlpage/hangoutplugin
On Google+ search for "Anita Chapter" and head to our page.
Alternatively, go directly to our Chapter page here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/104967001091880466806/posts
You'll see a post for the Hangout on Air at around 1pm - hit play and enjoy!
Some hints for a better experience:
Download the lecture slides before hand. We'll post them on the day.
You can breakout the small video window on the Google+ page by opening it in YouTube. This gives you a much bigger view.
Post any comments/questions under the video in the comments box on the Google+ or YouTube page. We'll try and answer them in real-time.
I don't believe that comments are updated automatically; you may need to reload the page to see the latest.
All lectures will be hosted on our ANITA YouTube page for later viewing.

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