[ASA] Celebrate 50 years at SSO this year! Oct 3-5

Katrina Sealey Katrina.Sealey at aao.gov.au
Wed Aug 13 11:36:11 AEST 2014

Siding Spring Observatory (SSO) celebrates not one, but three 
significant anniversaries in 2014. In 1964 SSO was established with the 
opening of the /ANU 40 inch Telescope/ marking its *50th anniversary*, 
the /Anglo-Australian Telescope, /Australia's largest optical telescope 
will celebrate its *40th anniversary* and the /ANU/ /2.3m/ Advance 
Technology Telescope will celebrate its *30th anniversary*.

To mark these three significant anniversaries, the SSO astronomical 
institutions join under the banner of *StarFest* for a very special long 
weekend in October (Friday 3rd - Sunday 5th). StarFest includes the 
popular Bok Lecturewith Andy Thomas (former NASA astronaut) 
<http://www.starfest.org.au/bok-lecture/>, the exciting Science in the 
Pub <http://www.starfest.org.au/science-in-the-pub/> (featuring Robyn 
Williams, Fred Watson, Charley Lineweaver, Amanda Bauer and Joss Bland 
Hawthorn) and the full array of Open Day 
<http://www.starfest.org.au/siding-spring-open-day/> activities that 
occur on top of Siding Spring Observatory. This year introduces a 
special evening event at Milroy Observatory 
with special guest speakers Prof Brian Schmidt and Dr David Malin. Come 
and enjoy an evening of wine, canapes and star viewings.

For more information (and to book tickets) visit www.starfest.org.au

Dr Katrina Sealey
IT Manager, Australian Astronomical Observatory
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