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Dear colleague

Although many of us are excited about the prospect of Australian involvement in the Square Kilometre Array, and many of us are involved in the planning in some capacity, we do not yet have a "community" of those who are, or who would like to be,  involved in the SKA. As a starting point to build such a community, I have organised an SKA Town Hall meeting on Friday 25 July, on the last day of the ASA annual scientific meeting, from 12.35 to 2pm. A snack lunch will be provided for attendees..

The aims of this meeting (and associated activities) are:

  *   To build a community of scientists who are knowledgeable about SKA and who will be ready to make full use of it when it is constructed
  *   To facilitate Australian science involvement in SKA
  *   To facilitate collaboration between Australian SKA scientists and our colleagues in South Africa and other SKA member countries
  *   To maximise the science from SKA
  *   To provide advice to Australian SKA consortium members as required.

The meeting will kick off with a  brief overview of the SKA and of Australia's role in it, but most of the time will be devoted to questions and discussions from the floor. Topics might include:

  *   What will be built in Australia?
  *   What will Australia's role be?
  *   What will be the key science goals?
  *   How will this impact on other Australian astronomy facilities?
  *   How do we use the Australian precursors (ASKAP, MWA) to optimize the SKA design and prepare for SKA?
  *   How will the SKA be managed?
  *   How will we get our hand on SKA data?
  *   When will it be finished?
  *   How can an astronomer get involved in planning the science for the SKA?
  *   Is it only for black-belt radio astronomers, or can other astronomers use it?
  *   What will it do for my science?
  *   Where do we go from here?

There is no registration fee, but we do need to know numbers for catering, and lunch will only be provided for those that have pre-registered. If you would like to attend, please email Amanda.Gray at csiro.au<mailto:Amanda.Gray at csiro.au> before 20 July.
Further details will be made available on http://bit.ly/ozska


Ray Norris

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