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Helen Woods helen.woods at aao.gov.au
Tue Jul 8 10:31:01 AEST 2014

Dear Colleagues,

The abstract deadline for this year's AIP congress 'The Art of Physics' 
has been extended to July 18th. The congress is being held in
Canberra from December 7-11.

   Details of the AIP Congress can be found at

http://www.aip2014.org.au <http://www.aip2014.org.au/>

and the abstract server can be found at


   Many ASA members have already submitted abstracts and two of the 
plenary speakers are astronomers.

  Some of you may know of Prof. Robin Storer of Flinders University, who 
was an expert in MHD theory, and contributed much to Australian science 
(particularly in fusion) over a 40+ year career. Unfortunately, Robin 
lost a battle with cancer last year.

A colleague, Em. Prof. Bob Dewar, suggested it would be appropriate to 
commemorate Prof. Robin Storer's contributions to plasma physics 
(especially theory) at the Australian Institute of Physics Congress with 
a dedicated session on "MHD theory in laboratory, space and 
astrophysical plasmas". Bob has received the imprimatur of the idea from 
Robin's family, should the session be feasible. The idea also has the 
support Plasma Session Program Committee, as well as the Conference 
Chair, Prof. John Howard, and Program Chair, A/Prof. Joe Hope. The Solar 
Terestial and Space Physics Program Chair, Prof. Iver Cairns, and 
Astronomy Program Chair, Dr Chris Lidman, have also agreed to co-badge 
the session.

We hope to tribute a session commemorating Robin providing there are 
enough selected talks in a MHD theory area. The AIP Congress has also 
recently extended the abstract deadline to July 18, thus providing an 
opportunity to lodge an abstract in this area, and indeed any other area 
of astronomy.

I would also be grateful that should you be interested in contributing 
to the dedicated session you could also let Matthew Hole 
(matthew.hole at anu.edu.au <mailto:matthew.hole at anu.edu.au>) at the ANU 
know so that he can earmark the contribution accordingly.

Kind Regards,

Chris Lidman

Helen Woods
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