[ASA] The new EPOC Steering Committee and Student Representative Election

John O'Byrne john.obyrne at sydney.edu.au
Mon Apr 14 15:42:54 AEST 2014

Dear all,

[ASA Student Members: please make sure you read all the way to item 4  for information on how to elect your Student Representative]

1. I would like to congratulate the newly elected members of the Education and Public Outreach Chapter’s Steering Committee: 

Robert Hollow (Chair), Julie Banfield, Amanda Bauer and Glen Mackie.

They will join the on-going Steering Committee members: Andrew Jacob, Duane Hamacher and Jonathon Kocz.  Michael Brown will move into the position of ASA Council Representative as part of his responsibilities as the ASA’s new Media and Outreach Coordinator.

2. I would like to thank those nominees who were unsuccessful this time, and would encourage them to consider nominating to join the Steering Committee in the future:

Jacinta den Besten, Pete Wheeler, Krzysztof Bolejko and Jonathan Nally.

3. I would also like to thank the out-going Steering Committee members for their service to the Chapter:

Helen Sim, Jonathan Nally, Courtney Jones (student representative) and John O'Byrne (Council representative).

4. Thank you to the five students who have nominated for the 1-year position of Student Representative.  The nominees are:

Shaila Akhter, Tui Britton, Donna Burton, Michael Cowley and Aina Musaeva.

For more information on these five nominees, please see:  http://asaepoc.wordpress.com/election/

The voting period for this position will run from 14 April until 5pm Friday 18 April (AEST). The results of the election will be announced as soon as possible thereafter.  Only fully paid Student Members of the ASA are entitled to vote.

To vote for your Student Representative, please use this link:

5. Finally, a thank you to all of the Steering Committee members who have assisted with the transition from the old EPOCommittee to the growing and evolving EPOChapter.  It has been a pleasure working with all of you.  I will remain on the Steering Committee for one final year as the immediate past Chair.


Chris Fluke

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