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Ray.Norris at csiro.au Ray.Norris at csiro.au
Mon Apr 7 12:39:01 AEST 2014

Dear colleague

I am putting together a group of Australian scientists who are, or who would like to be, involved in SKA. The straw-man goals of this group are:

  *   To build a community of scientists who are knowledgeable about SKA and who will be ready to make full use of it when it is constructed
  *   To facilitate Australian science involvement in SKA
  *   To facilitate collaboration between Australian SKA scientists and our colleagues in South Africa and other SKA member countries
  *   To maximise the science from SKA
  *   To provide advice to Australian SKA work package consortium members as required (e.g. flexibility to adapt to evolving science case)

These goals, and the steps to achieve them, will be discussed once we have  the group established.

If you would like to be part of this community, please could you either click "request access" on http://ozska.pbworks.com/ or else email kate.chow at csiro.au<mailto:kate.chow at csiro.au>

Many thanks

Ray Norris

Ray.Norris at csiro.au<mailto:Ray.Norris at csiro.au>
CSIRO Astronomy & Space Science
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