[ASA] The Role of Hydrogen in the Evolution of Galaxies

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We are pleased to send out the first announcement of the conference:

**The Role of Hydrogen in the Evolution of Galaxies**
to be held in Kuching, Borneo (Malaysia) on September 15-19, 2014.

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First Announcement of the conference:

The Role of Hydrogen in the Evolution of Galaxies
Kuching, Borneo (Malaysia), September 15-19, 2014

website: http://astronomy.swin.edu.au/research/conferences/gas2014

As the most abundant element in the Universe, hydrogen is an ubiquitous tracer of structures at various
scales and plays a fundamental role in galaxy formation. Accretion of hydrogen from the intergalactic medium (IGM) feeds
galaxies with the raw material necessary for the formation of stars. Environmental effects and complex internal mechanisms,
such as supernovae or AGN feedback, affect the evolution cycle of hydrogen and consequently the physical properties
and appearance of galaxies. Observations of hydrogen in its various forms (atomic, ionised or molecular), along with refined
models and simulations, are essential to better assess the role of hydrogen in the formation and evolution of galaxies.
This conference will bring together observers and theorists to review our current understanding in the field,
and discuss the main science questions that can be addressed in the pre-SKA era.

The scientific topics covered at this conference will include:

- Evolution of hydrogen in the cosmological context
- Environmental effects and the role of groups and clusters
- Outflows, accretion and the IGM
- The ISM and the link with star formation
- The Milky Way and the Local Group
- State-of-the-art surveys.

If you are interested in this conference, please sign up for future announcements at:

SOC: Virginia Kilborn (Chair), Barbara Catinella, Luca Cortese, Danny Dale, Romeel Davé, Loretta Dunne,
Thibault Garel, Desika Narayanan, Chris Power, Mary Putman, Jessica Werk, Martin Zwaan

For more information, please contact the LOC: gas2014 at swin.edu.au<http://swin.edu.au/>

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