[ASA] AAO Observer August 2013

Andy Green andrew.green at aao.gov.au
Thu Sep 12 11:36:14 AEST 2013

In this Issue
	 HERMES goes to the AAT: Results of the pre-shipment tests
	 The middle age growth spurts of brightest cluster galaxies
	 Compact Galaxy Groups, their Star Clusters and Dwarf Galaxies
	 Ten Years of RAVE

Observatory news
AAO Welcomes New Director
Gemini School Astronomy Contest
Improving 2dfdr
A mountain of fire
Before and After

August 2013, Edition #124
In this edition, we have exciting new science, instrument and observatory news as well as all our usual features like the Director's Message, AusGO corner, North Ryde News and a Letter from Coona. All available as a PDF file at www.aao.gov.au/library/news.html .


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