[ASA] Call for Gemini and Subaru Proposals in Semester 2014A

Australian Gemini Office ausgo at aao.gov.au
Tue Sep 10 19:53:07 AEST 2013

Proposals for Australian access to the Gemini and Subaru telescopes for 
Semester 2014A
(1 Feb - 31 Jul 2014) are due by *5:00pm AEST, Tuesday 1 October 2013*.

A separate call for Magellan proposals in Semester 2014A (with an 8 
October 2013 deadline)
will be issued shortly once the instrumentation on offer has been finalised.

What's new for Semester 2014A?

  * The 2014A PIT
    has been updated to improve the instrument configuration options,
    and provide better feedback if there are submission problems. New
    LaTeX and Word templates are available
    <http://files.gemini.edu/%7Esoftware/phase1/2014A/> to create a PDF
    attachment which includes the science and technical cases. *For
    2014A there are significant changes in the template, and PIs should
    download and use these new versions
    <http://files.gemini.edu/%7Esoftware/phase1/2014A/>*. An additional
    page has been made available for applicants by adding an
    "Experimental Design" section, in which the PI should address how
    these observations contribute toward the accomplishment of the goals
    outlined in the science justification; information on the
    targets/sample size; data analysis; additional calibrations, etc.
    *Also the PI is now strongly encouraged to include the output from
    the instrument time calculators in the proposal*. The instructions
    for each section have been revised and investigators should read
    these notes carefully.
  * Applicants seeking time on both Gemini North and Gemini South
    instruments in the same proposal are required to state explicitly in
    the Technical Description the split of time between telescopes being
    sought. Similarly, joint proposals should make clear in the Band 3
    section of the attachment the share of time between partners if the
    Band 3 total time differs from that required in Bands 1 or 2.
  * GMOS-South <http://www.gemini.edu/sciops/instruments/gmos-0> will
    likely not be available between March and April 2014, for an upgrade
    to the CCDs postponed from 2013B. The amount of time at RA 7h to 11h
    will therefore be limited, and investigators should state in the
    technical case of their proposal if alternate targets are available.
    Investigators should assume the performance of the current EEV
    detectors for planning purposes.
  * There will be a guaranteed minimum of 5 nights on the Subaru
    telescope available to the Gemini community, including shared risks
    use of the Hyper Suprime-Cam
    <http://www.naoj.org/Observing/Instruments/HSC/> (HSC) very wide
    field (1.5 degree field of view) optical to far-red imager using
    grizy filters only.
  * The Gemini Planet Imager
    will be undergoing on-sky commissioning in 2014A, but a call for
    "early science" with GPI is anticipated sometime during the semester.
  * The R600 grating in GMOS-North and GMOS-South will be available for
    classical programs only. This grating is used infrequently and is
    difficult to schedule in the queue.

How to apply

Gemini applications must be submitted using the 2014A release of the Phase I Tool (PIT) software. Subaru applications are also submitted using the PIT. For full details on instrument availability and application procedures, please see:


as well as the official Gemini Observatory Call for Proposals:


Need help?

For general enquiries about Australian usage of Gemini or Subaru, please contact the
Australian Gemini Office (ausgo at aao.gov.au). For technical queries about a Gemini
Phase I proposal, please use the Gemini Helpdesk:


Stuart Ryder
Australian Gemini Scientist
ausgo at aao.gov.au

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