[ASA] PASA Editorial Board - Call for Applications

Bryan Gaensler bryan.gaensler at sydney.edu.au
Wed Sep 19 10:00:56 AEST 2012


Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia (PASA) is an ISI-listed, fully-refereed journal for new and significant research in astronomy and astrophysics. PASA seeks two suitably qualified astronomers to join its Editorial Board for three-year terms, beginning January 2013.  Applications can be made by sending a brief CV and any other evidence of strengths and suitability by 31 Oct 2012 to the Chair of the PASA Editorial Board, Bryan Gaensler (bryan.gaensler at sydney.edu.au).

About the Journal

PASA (journal WWW page at http://journals.cambridge.org/pas) publishes new and significant research in astronomy and astrophysics. PASA covers a wide range of topics within astronomy, including multi-wavelength observations, theoretical modelling, computational astronomy and visualisation. PASA also maintains its heritage of publishing results on southern hemisphere astronomy and on astronomy with Australian facilities.

PASA publishes research papers, review papers and special series on topical issues, making use of expert international reviewers and an experienced Editorial Board. As an electronic-only journal, PASA publishes paper by paper, ensuring a rapid publication rate. There are no pages charges.  PASA's Editorial Board approve a certain number of papers per year to be published Open Access without a publication fee. All papers are indexed by the NASA ADS database; the ISI impact factor for PASA is currently 2.3.  Commencing in January 2013, PASA will be published by Cambridge University Press on behalf of the Astronomical Society of Australia (ASA).

The PASA Editorial Board

PASA maintains an Editorial Board of seven members (currently chaired by Prof Bryan Gaensler). The main duties of the Editorial Board are to select referees for submitted papers, to make final decisions based on those reports, to solicit papers for submission, and to be an advocate for the Journal. Detailed duties are outlined below.

There are two vacancies on the Editorial Board, beginning January 2013.  Appointment to the Editorial Board is for a period of three years. An honorarium is paid annually, currently at the level of AU$3000 per year.  Members of the Editorial Board are selected on the basis of their standing in the community, the breadth of their knowledge, and their specific areas of expertise. Applications are sought from candidates with expertise in any areas of astrophysics, but those with expertise in extragalactic astronomy are especially encouraged to apply.

Interested candidates should send a brief CV and a statement of their suitability for the position by 31 Oct 2012 to Bryan Gaensler (bryan.gaensler at sydney.edu.au). A decision on the appointment will be made by the ASA Council shortly following this closing date. Note that ASA Council members may apply, but if selected are not eligible to receive an honorarium.

PASA Editorial Board Responsibilities 

Members of the Editorial Board of PASA are appointed by the ASA Council.  The ASA also appoints a Chair from among the seven Editorial Board members.  The Editorial Board is responsible for the overall scientific success of the journal in the international astronomical community. Measures of success include number and quality of submissions, rejection rate, citations and impact factor, and timeliness of peer review. Individual Editorial Board members contribute to this by:

1) Attracting submissions of quality research papers to the journal.

2) Organising peer review of submitted manuscripts in a timely fashion, using Cambridge University Press' electronic submission and peer review system. Key components of this process are:

   a)	Assessing a manuscript's suitability for review

   b)	Selection of suitable reviewers.

   c)	Delivery of a recommendation for publication/revision/rejection based on reviews, within 1 week of completion of a review.

3) Other duties and responsibilities of Editorial Board members are to:

   a)	Act fairly, courteously, and without personal bias in all dealings with authors and reviewers.

   b)	Immediately declare to the Chair of the Editorial Board any personal involvement or potential conflict of interest that may arise for any manuscript or in any component of the review process.

   c)	Be a public advocate for the Journal.

   d)	Actively seek to publish one's own work in the Journal, and to encourage colleagues to do the same.

   e)	Enhance the standards and scope of the Journal.

   f)	Ensure that refereeing guidelines are adhered to and comprehensively considered by referees

   g)	Provide strategic advice to the ASA, Chair of the Editorial Board, and the publisher on current directions in relevant research disciplines that can be used to the benefit of the Journal, its subscribers and its readers. To this end, the Editorial Board meets three times per year (one all-day face-to-face / video meeting, and two shorter meetings by phone).  

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