[ASA] AAT Proposal Call (Semester 2013A): deadline 5PM, 14 September 2012

AAT Technical Secretary (Gayandhi De Silva) aatac at aao.gov.au
Fri Aug 24 16:56:07 AEST 2012

                         Call for AAT proposals in Semester 2013A

The proposal deadline for AAT time in Semester 13A (1 February 2013
to 31 July 2013) is:

           Friday, 14 September 2012, at 17:00** (AEST, i.e. UTC + 10 hrs)

** Note the closing time is 17:00 on the *14th* of September.

Proposals can be submitted from the 1st of September 2012 using the AAT 
proposal form, and are welcome from astronomers worldwide.

General information on applying for AAT time can be found at:


Important notes for 13A applicants:

* A call for Large Programs will NOT be made in Semester 13A.
We expect significant down-time in 13A while commissioning HERMES and
anticipate the next call for Large Programs will be no earlier than
Semester 13B.

* Long-term proposals requesting<  50 nights in total are still
accepted. Please contact the ATAC Secretary, Helen Woods
(hmw - at - aao.gov.au) well in advance of submitting this kind of proposal.

* The number of available AAT nights for 13A is approximately:
Bright: 33, Grey: 32 and Dark: 61.

This is the current best estimate based on instrument needs. However the
actual numbers may vary between now and the final telescope schedule.

Gayandhi de Silva
AAT Technical Secretary
aatts - at - aao.gov.au

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