[ASA] CTIO/DECam time-swap Proposal call (Semester 2013A): deadline 5PM, 14 September 2012

AAT Technical Secretary (Gayandhi De Silva) aatac at aao.gov.au
Fri Aug 24 16:55:41 AEST 2012

           CTIO/DECam time-swap proposals in Semester 2013A

The proposal deadline for DECam time in Semester 13A (1 February 2013
to 31 July 2013) is:

           Friday, 14 September 2013, at 17:00** (AEST, i.e. UTC + 10 hrs)

** Note the closing time is 17:00 on the *14th* September.

The AAO and NOAO/CTIO have initiated a time-swap arrangement, to allow
our respective communities to maximise the scientific facilities and
opportunities to which we have access. The DECam imager on the 4m Blanco
telescope is being offered in a shared-risk mode, and will only be
available after Science Verification has been completed. All scheduled
observations in 13A will be carried out *in classical mode* with observers
required to travel to the telescope.

In Semester 13A there will be 15 nights of DECam time available to
the Australian community.

Those who wish to apply for this time should do so using the
regular AAT online proposal form available from the 1st of September at:


and select CTIO/DECam in the "instrument" section of the proposal.

The standard 3 page proposal page limits and recommendations regarding
technical justifications should be followed. The proposals will be assessed
by ATAC, and graded proposals provided to CTIO for scheduling.

Links to the DECam webpages for further information about the telescope and
camera capabilities are given below, and will also be available from the
proposal form:


Gayandhi de Silva
AAT Technical Secretary
aatts - at - aao.gov.au

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