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List Description
Anzasa-l Australia and New Zealand American Studies Association
ANZCAexec ANZCA executive mailing list
Arch-jobs Architecture Jobs
ARMPIT POSSUM: Polarisation Sky Survey of the Universe's Magnetism
Arts-SLP-PGreps Arts Student Liaison Program PG Reps
Arts-SLP-SLAM Arts Student Liaison Program SLAM School Reps
Arts-SLP-SLC Arts Student Liaison Program SLC School Reps
Arts-SLP-SOPHI Arts Student Liaison Program SOPHI School Reps
Arts-SLP-SSPS Arts Student Liaison Program SSPS School Reps
Arts-SLP-UGreps Arts Student Liaison Program UG Reps
ASA Astronomical Society of Australia
asa-council ASA Council
asa-exec ASA Executive
Asa2016soc ASA2016 SOC
askap-vast ASKAP VAST collaboration
Astro_midterm Public mail list for Australian Astronomy Decadal Plan Mid-term Review
Aus-robotics-net Australian Robotics Network (ARN)
AUS-Survey AAOmega-UKIDSS-SDSS (AUS) Survey
Ausaidgroup AusAid Group Mailing List
AV_Announcements Information about technical AV issues
AWGSA Australian Women's and Gender Studies Association
AWGSAexec AWGSA executive mailing list
BAP Baryonic Astrophysics
bioinformatics-announce Bioinformatics announcements
Biomedical-Writing-Workshops Announcements about biomedical writing workshops by A/Prof Amanda Salis for students and new researchers
BMRI-balleinelab [no description available]
Brain-Mind [no description available]
brain-mind.cru [no description available]
brain-mind.labmanagement [no description available]
CAASTRO-Board CAASTRO Advisory Board
CAASTRO-exec CAASTRO Executive Committee
Carlab-list Computing and Audio Research Lab
CELT-SN CELT-SN (Community-engaged Learning & Teaching Scholars Network)
CenSSKA CAASTRO: ARC Centre of Excellence for All-sky Astrophysics
Chai-list CHAI lab email list
CHAST announcement of CHAST seminars
ChIcAGO ChIcAGO Survey consortium
Clc-users Users of CLC Genomics Workbench
Cmeg [no description available]
CMEG-Volunteers CMEG Volunteer Email List
Computing_training Email notifications for research computing training
Con-News Conservatorium - News
Con-pg-students Conservatorium - Postgrad Students
Con-students Conservatorium - Currently enrolled students
Con-ug-students Conservatorium - Undergraduate Students
Cpc.integrative-systems CPC.ISL
cudos-events Information about CUDOS events
Designlab-announce Design Lab Announce List
Digitalmedia.methods [no description available]
dns.technical Technical Managers from the Division of Natural Sciences [no description available] [no description available]
EIE-CDIO [no description available]
English-announce english announcements
Extreme Extreme Astrophysics group exploder
Fhs-hdr-students Faculty of Health Sciences Higher Degree Research students
Fhs-rhdsupervisors Faculty of Health Sciences Supervisor of Higher Degree Research students
Fireball [no description available]
fpga-list FPGA mailing list
Gan-Group [no description available]
gcs_pgrad Gender and Cultural Studies postgrad researchers @ Sydney
Gdihp2012 [no description available]
Gdihp2013 [no description available]
Genomics_Bioinformatics USYD Genomics & Bioinformatics Community
Geocoastal-broad To publicise Geocoastal Seminars Externaly
Geodynamics Open mailing list for the international geodynamics community
Geoff_test [no description available]
GeoSci-Alumni [no description available]
GeoSci-Honoraries [no description available]
GeoSci-Honours [no description available]
Gir.phdstudentlist [no description available]
girls_studies International Girls Studies Association
Gmap Gender and Modernity in the Asia-Pacific Mailing List
GPlates-announce GPlates software release announcements
GPlates-discuss GPlates general discussion mailing list Granular Forum members
HEAT High Energy Astrophysics Teleconferences
Humanrightsalumnigroup Alumni list for the Human Rights Student Group. Human Rights Student Group will change its name to the Global Social Justice Network in 2012
ICT-RHN-Satellite Discussions concerning the RedHat Satellite Service and related RHN/RHEL issues
ITL-CAD Challenging Academic Development (CAD) Collective
ITS-Contacts Discussion about IT Issues (the old contacts list)
Kolling-level-10 Kolling Institute - Level 10
Kolling-research [no description available]
Lighting_students Lighting Students
Limdep Limdep and Nlogit Mailing List
Lvl_13_kolling_bldg [no description available]
LyaBAO AAT Lyman-alpha baryon acoustic oscillation project
materials_group Molecular materials group list
MECOresearch MECO Research List
Metabolomics Metabolomics Discussion Group
Midterm Mail list for Australian Astronomy Decadal Plan Mid-term Review
Moderngreek-l [no description available]
MWA-Board Executive Board of the Murchison Widefield Array
NCIRS-AIP Australian Immunisation Professionals
Ncsgrad [no description available]
Ncspgresearch Postgraduate research students
Nectar-ecology Industrial Ecology Lab
Nmsnews Nuclear Medicine Science News
Parents-Network Diversity and Inclusion
pasa-eb Editorial Board of Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia
Pe.eventlist [no description available]
Physicsolenan [no description available]
PIEL [no description available]
POSSUM-WG1 POSSUM Working Group 1: Simulating & Imaging
POSSUM-WG10 POSSUM Working Group 10: Multi-wavelength Coordination
POSSUM-WG2 POSSUM Working Group 2: Source Finding
POSSUM-WG3 POSSUM Working Group 3: Survey Strategy
POSSUM-WG4 POSSUM Working Group 4: Commissioning and Hardware
POSSUM-WG5 POSSUM Working Group 5: Data Format and Access
POSSUM-WG6 POSSUM Working Group 6: Ionospheric Calibration
POSSUM-WG7 POSSUM Working Group 7: Single-Dish Data
POSSUM-WG8 POSSUM Working Group 8: Rotation Measure Synthesis
POSSUM-WG9 POSSUM Working Group 9: Science Simulations
POSSUM-WGchairs POSSUM Executive
Progcomp Programming contests at the University of Sydney
Research-news News + Funding Opportunities for University of Sydney Researchers and Research Managers
Research_mgreek [no description available]
Retinal.therapeutics [no description available]
Sami SAMI - Sydney-AAO MOS IFU project
Sami-agn SAMI Galaxy Survey: AGN science group
Sami-assoc [no description available]
Sami-db SAMI Galaxy Survey: database working group
Sami-dr SAMI Survey data reduction and analysis working group.
Sami-exec SAMI Galaxy Survey: exec committee
Sami-morph SAMI Galaxy Survey: Morphological transformations group
Sami-qa SAMI Galaxy Survey: Quality control working group
Sami-quenching SAMI Galaxy Survey: star formation quenching group
Sami-sci SAMI Galaxy Survey: science strategy working group
Sami-sim SAMI Galaxy Survey: simulations working group.
Sami-specfit SAMI Galaxy Survey: spectral fitting working group.
Sami-statkin SAMI Galaxy Survey: Statistical kinematics group
Sami-stellar SAMI Galaxy Survey: Stellar kinematics and populations science group
Sami-stellarpops SAMI Galaxy Survey: Stellar population measurement working group.
Sami-survey SAMI Galaxy Survey: main email list
Sami-targ SAMI Galaxy Survey: target selection working group.
Sami-winds SAMI Galaxy Survey: winds and gas phase metallicity group.
Science-geo-earthbyte [no description available]
SEDN Sydney Educational Designers Network
Shared-l Shared decision-making
Shpnmembers [no description available]
shw_news Safety Health and Wellbeing Mailing List
sifa-senior SIFA Senior Staff
SKA-SAC Science Advisory Committee to Australia and New Zealand Square Kilometre Array Coordination Committee
Skamp SKAMP Project
Skamp-tech [no description available]
Smoking-research Smoking Cessation Mail-out
SNS-honorary-affiliate Sydney Nursing School honorary and affiliate
Ssp.pgrstudent [no description available]
SydFoP Foundations of Physics in the Sydney Region
Sydney-anthro Sydney Anthropology
Sydneysspseminars [no description available]
SydPhil Philosophy events in the Sydney region
Sydstaff_vetsci Faculty of Veterinary Science - SydStaff
Transients Transients @ USyd
UoS.Technical UoS Technical managers for research and teaching support
USyd-e-learning e-learning & video-conferencing: News and Events
Usyd-eResearch Announcements about eResearch: advanced information and communication technologies for the practice of research
Usyd-HPC High Performance Computing at the University of Sydney
Usyd-Scholarships-Announce Announce List for USyd Scholarship Opportunities
vast-wg1 VAST Working Group 1 - Simulations and Imaging
vast-wg5 [no description available]
WHAM Wisconsin H-alpha Mapper
WIP Women in Physics Committee, Australian Institute of Physics

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