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List Description
Anzasa-l Australia and New Zealand American Studies Association
Arts-SLP-PGreps Arts Student Liaison Program PG Reps
Arts-SLP-SLAM Arts Student Liaison Program SLAM School Reps
Arts-SLP-SLC Arts Student Liaison Program SLC School Reps
Arts-SLP-SOPHI Arts Student Liaison Program SOPHI School Reps
Arts-SLP-SSPS Arts Student Liaison Program SSPS School Reps
Arts-SLP-UGreps Arts Student Liaison Program UG Reps
ASA Astronomical Society of Australia
asa-council ASA Council
asa-exec ASA Executive
boschbmsf Bosch Mass Spectrometry Facility
Boschelg [no description available]
Boschmbf For Bosch Molecular Biology Facility registered users
Boschmbf-labheads [no description available]
Brain-Mind [no description available]
brain-mind.labmanagement [no description available]
CCM-List Internation Critical Care Medicine mailing list
Chai-list CHAI lab email list
CHAST announcement of CHAST seminars
Clc-users Users of CLC Genomics Workbench
Con-News Conservatorium - News
confocal For users of the confocal and multiphoton microscopes in the Bosch Institute Advanced Microscopy Facility
Digitalmedia.methods [no description available] [no description available]
English-announce english announcements
Fhs-hdr-students Faculty of Health Sciences Higher Degree Research students
Fhs-rhdsupervisors Faculty of Health Sciences Supervisor of Higher Degree Research students
fpga-list FPGA mailing list
gcs_pgrad Gender and Cultural Studies postgrad researchers @ Sydney
Gdihp2012 [no description available]
Genomics_Bioinformatics USYD Genomics & Bioinformatics Community
Geocoastal-broad To publicise Geocoastal Seminars Externaly
Geodynamics Open mailing list for the international geodynamics community
GeoSci-Alumni [no description available]
girls_studies International Girls Studies Association
GPlates-announce GPlates software release announcements
GPlates-discuss GPlates general discussion mailing list
Ibrmolbiol Bosch Molecular Biology Facility
Ibro [no description available]
ITL-CAD Challenging Academic Development (CAD) Collective
Kolling-research [no description available]
lbtusers LabTutor Users Group
Limdep Limdep and Nlogit Mailing List
LyaBAO AAT Lyman-alpha baryon acoustic oscillation project
MECOresearch MECO Research List
Microscopy For users of the Bosch Institute Advanced Microscopy Facility
Moderngreek-l [no description available]
NCIRS-AIP Australian Immunisation Professionals
Ncspgresearch Postgraduate research students
Palm For users of the PALM laser microdissection microscope in the Bosch Institute Advanced Microscopy Facility
pasa-eb Editorial Board of Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia
POSSUM-WG1 POSSUM Working Group 1: Simulating & Imaging
POSSUM-WG10 POSSUM Working Group 10: Multi-wavelength Coordination
POSSUM-WG2 POSSUM Working Group 2: Source Finding
POSSUM-WG3 POSSUM Working Group 3: Survey Strategy
POSSUM-WG4 POSSUM Working Group 4: Commissioning and Hardware
POSSUM-WG5 POSSUM Working Group 5: Data Format and Access
POSSUM-WG6 POSSUM Working Group 6: Ionospheric Calibration
POSSUM-WG7 POSSUM Working Group 7: Single-Dish Data
POSSUM-WG8 POSSUM Working Group 8: Rotation Measure Synthesis
POSSUM-WG9 POSSUM Working Group 9: Science Simulations
POSSUM-WGchairs POSSUM Executive
Research-news News + Funding Opportunities for University of Sydney Researchers and Research Managers
Research_mgreek [no description available]
Sami SAMI - Sydney-AAO MOS IFU project
Sami-agn SAMI Galaxy Survey: AGN science group
Sami-assoc [no description available]
Sami-db SAMI Galaxy Survey: database working group
Sami-dr SAMI Survey data reduction and analysis working group.
Sami-exec SAMI Galaxy Survey: exec committee
Sami-morph SAMI Galaxy Survey: Morphological transformations group
Sami-qa SAMI Galaxy Survey: Quality control working group
Sami-quenching SAMI Galaxy Survey: star formation quenching group
Sami-sci SAMI Galaxy Survey: science strategy working group
Sami-sim SAMI Galaxy Survey: simulations working group.
Sami-specfit SAMI Galaxy Survey: spectral fitting working group.
Sami-statkin SAMI Galaxy Survey: Statistical kinematics group
Sami-stellar SAMI Galaxy Survey: Stellar kinematics and populations science group
Sami-stellarpops SAMI Galaxy Survey: Stellar population measurement working group.
Sami-survey SAMI Galaxy Survey: main email list
Sami-targ SAMI Galaxy Survey: target selection working group.
Science-geo-earthbyte [no description available]
SEDN Sydney Educational Designers Network
Seminar Anderson Stuart Seminars
Shared-l Shared decision-making
SKA-SAC Science Advisory Committee to Australia and New Zealand Square Kilometre Array Coordination Committee
Skamp SKAMP Project
Skamp-tech [no description available]
Social SoMS Social Club
Soms-cycling [no description available]
Ssp.pgrstudent [no description available]
subw Sydney University Bushwalkers - discussion
SydFoP Foundations of Physics in the Sydney Region
Sydney-anthro Sydney Anthropology
Sydneysspseminars [no description available]
SydPhil Philosophy events in the Sydney region
Transients Transients @ USyd
UoS.Technical UoS Technical managers for research and teaching support
Usyd-eResearch Announcements about eResearch: advanced information and communication technologies for the practice of research
Usyd-HPC High Performance Computing at the University of Sydney
Usyd-Scholarships-Announce Announce List for USyd Scholarship Opportunities
WHAM Wisconsin H-alpha Mapper
WIP Women in Physics Committee, Australian Institute of Physics

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