[SydPhil] Fwd: emergency enquiry about PHIL1012

Michael Nielsen michael.nielsen at sydney.edu.au
Tue Jan 30 06:20:26 AEDT 2024

Dear Kristie,

Nick and I received this alarming email last night (I saw it this morning). I’ve reported it to Campus Protective Services.


Begin forwarded message:

From: "phil1012studentissuehelpprotonmail.com" <phil1012studentissuehelpprotonmail.com at proton.me>
Subject: emergency enquiry about PHIL1012
Date: January 29, 2024 at 9:19:19 PM GMT+11
To: "nicholas.smith at sydney.edu.au" <nicholas.smith at sydney.edu.au>

Dear relevant staff of PHIL1012 and the Integrity Office,

Sorry for this email, I am a coordinator of sales at Aoqi Education in Sydney. I have noticed there are unfair allegations coming from both the faculty and university level regarding a dramatic number of students being accused of contract cheating. This is due to similarities in the midterm test and final exam, which can be attributed to the use of our materials.

We apologize for any issues this may have caused and are committed to upholding integrity. However, I advocate that these allegations should not be equated to contract cheating, as the use of materials in exams has mostly been alleged for plagiarism or collusion.

However, if the investigation extends to all units studied by the student, including issues in online proctored exams and all other units studied, this would be unfair. In other words, it is reasonable to investigate a  case related to one unit, PHIL1012, if there is evidence. However, some students have claimed that the university is using this issue as a basis to investigate all units studied in their degree or to extend the contract cheating investigation to all units they studied before the second session of 2023. This is not reasonable, and they will advocate against it. They will advocate against a broad investigation if it is based on a large number of reasonable allegations. They indicate their willingness to fight against such actions. We would support students in protesting on campus if an unreasonable investigation threatens to tarnish the lives of students and our educational brand, especially concerning past units or years. If such situation happens,  we will launch some b o m b  a t t a c k  to save everything for the students. Yes, you heard right. It was a b o m b  a t t a c k  . If it gets to that point, it's not good for the university or the s a f  e t y of the staff.

We appreciate your consideration of this matter and thank you for your understanding in striving towards a harmonious resolution, rather than a contentious one.

Best regards,
Sales Coordinator

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