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**Final Call**
*Title:* Mindscapes: Culture, AI, and Human Minds Workshop

*Date:* 12th March 2024

*Location:* Macquarie University

*Abstract:* In the age of intertwined human and AI-generated content, the
Mindscapes workshop aims to explore the impact of these interactions on
cultural practices. Language Models (LLMs), if skewed towards Western
perspectives, inadvertently constrain self-determination in our agency to
contribute to the meaning-making within our cultural practices, narratives
and knowledges. This philosophical inquiry has profound societal
implications in various societal domains. Can we achieve culturally
sensitive AI design? This conference focuses on the interplay of culture,
minds, and AI, aiming for a clearer understanding of its impact on cultural
identities and human flourishing.

*Confirmed Speakers:*

   - *Shaun Gallagher* (University of Memphis)
   - *Pii Televaki *(Helsinki University)
   - *Luke Munn *(University of Queensland)
   - *Fernando Marmolejo-Ramos* (University of South Australia)
   - *Wendy Rogers *(Macquarie University)
   - *Tom Froese* (Okinawa OIST)
   - *Michael Levin *(Tufts University / remote)

*Expert Panel of Discussants:* The workshop will additionally invite a
distinguished panel of experts who will play a key role in critically
facilitating engaging discussions, providing valuable insights to both
speakers and participants.

*Funding:* Macquarie Centre for Ethics and Agency and the Macquarie Minds
and Intelligence Initiative.

*Submission Details:* We invite scholars to submit papers exploring the
workshop themes. Submissions should address the interplay between culture,
minds, and AI, with a focus on cognitive science and cultural psychology.
Accepted papers will contribute to a fertile ground for future research
endeavors, enhancing our collective understanding of the intricate
relationship between minds, culture, and AI.

We strongly welcome submissions by non-western philosophical schools of
thought and/or from scholars who identify with underrepresented groups in

*Submission**:* 300-word abstract to the contact below by *January 3rd 2024*

*Contact:* ines.hipolito at mq.edu.au

Organisers: Ines Hipolito and Richard Menary

*Inês Hipólito*
Lecturer (a/Prof) of Philosophy of AI
Department of Philosophy
Macquarie University
Sydney, NSW 2109, Australia
Room 557, Level 5, 25B Wally's Walk
*E: ines.hipolito at mq.edu.au <ines.hipolito at mq.edu.au>*
*W:* MQ profile
<https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/H6O-CQnMBZfXppg2ZHxBtUp?domain=researchers.mq.edu.au> |
*www.ineshipolito.com <http://www.ineshipolito.come/>*
Co-Founder and VP International Society for the Philosophy of the
Sciences of the Mind <https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/CTm8CROND2uG11oMZcNkp-_?domain=ispsmind.com>
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