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The Australasian Association of Philosophy offers an annual monetary prize
of $500 for the development of innovative approaches to teaching philosophy.
The closing date for entries is *28 February 2024* at 8pm AEDT.

Eligibility, Judging Criteria and online entry form available here:

The prize is awarded to the portfolio that best fits the following criteria:

● Significant innovation in curriculum that successfully promotes equity
and diversity within the discipline, particularly with respect to
underrepresented or marginalised groups in the profession, including those
that undertake to decolonise and/or Indigenise philosophy curricula and/or
● Innovation in pedagogy that successfully promotes broader participation
in the discipline, and/or
● Adoption of strategies for engaging with real-world issues and justice in
the classroom, and/or
● High quality in course design and delivery framed by the concern that
philosophical education is also educating agency for valuing human
diversity beyond the discipline and the classroom.

The AAP also maintains a list of resources, prepared by the AAP Diversity
Committee, for developing inclusive curricula. For further information, see:

Australasian Association of Philosophy
ABN 29 152 892 272
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