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Congratulations to the following University teams awarded medals at our recent AAPAE Tertiary Ethics Olympiad. 

The second tertiary Ethics Olympiad was held on October 5th, 2023, and was hosted by the AAPAE. Congratulations to the following teams that won medals.
   - Gold Medal: Australian National University

Maia Raymond, Charles Durkin, Holly Wallman-Craddock, and Rhianna Galagher

   - Silver Medal: Macquarie University

Darcy Holmes, Hamish Lister, Charlie Mackenzie and Aakriti Nandwani

   - Bronze Medal: Australian National University

William Smith, Tetsushi Kajihara, Fionn Parker, and Liam Berryman.

The following universities received honourable mentions from the judges....the University of NSW, the University of Melbourne and Monash University.
More information about the Ethics Olympiad can be found here: 2024 AAPAE Tertiary Ethics Olympiad – Ethics Olympiad

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Click here for a recent article in the Australian Journal for Middle Schooling about "the Ethics Olympiad Experience."

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