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Call for Proposals for Open Peer Commentaries: *Australasian Philosophical
Theme: Philosophy of Physics
Lead Author:  *Jenann Ismael, ‘The Open Universe: Totality, Self-reference
and Time'*
Curator: *Heather Dyke*
*Raamy Majeed, Cei Maslen*Invited commentaries from:
*Kristie Miller and David Braddon-Mitchell, Huw Price, Carlo Rovelli,
Christoph Hoerl*
The APR is seeking proposals for open peer commentaries on Jenann Ismael,
‘The Open Universe: Totality, Self-reference and Time'
Proposal abstracts should be brief (up to 500 words), stating clearly the
aspects of the lead article that will be discussed, together with an
indication of the approach that will be taken.
For access to the lead article and instructions on making a submission, see

Abstract submissions are due on *23 June 2023*. Invitations to write
commentaries of 2000-3000 words will be issued on *10 July 2023*.
Full-length commentaries will be due on *15 September 2023*.


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