[SydPhil] Reminder: Call for Proposals for Open Peer Commentaries: Australasian Philosophical Review (APR) Susan James

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Wed Dec 14 13:44:41 AEDT 2022

Call for Proposals for Open Peer Commentaries: *Australasian*
*Philosophical* *Review*
Theme: *Early Modern Philosophy  *
Lead Author: *Susan James "Spinoza and the Poetic Imagination"*
Curator: *Deborah Brown *
Panel: *Deborah Brown, Aurelia Armstrong, Michael LeBuffe*
Invited commentaries from:
*Sandra Field, Moira Gatens, **Russ Leo, **Hasana Sharp *

The APR is seeking proposals for open peer commentaries on *Susan James
"Spinoza and the Poetic Imagination"*

Proposal abstracts should be brief (200-500 words), stating clearly the
aspects of the lead article that will be discussed, together with an
indication of the approach that will be taken. More details are available
on the APR website, *https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/mJqsCBNqjlCVkvQK1Izl6Xn?domain=aap.org.au <https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/5TNtCD1vlpTBWX2A1U5pLhz?domain=aap.org.au>*

Abstract submissions are due on *16 December 2022*. Invitations to write
commentaries of 2000-3000 words will be issued on *22 December 2022*.
Full-length commentaries will be due on *18 February 2022*.

Dr Eliza Goddard
Associate Editor, Australasian Philosophical Review
australasianphilosophicalreview.org <https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/TBtTCE8wmrtWzBrxmupTult?domain=aap.org.au>
APR at aap.org.au
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