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Michael Freeden, The University of Sydney (two events)
Monday 12 Sept ⋅ 16:00 – Tuesday 13 Sept 2022 ⋅ 11:00
Eastern Australia Time - Sydney

Prof. Michael Freeden (emeritus, Oxford) is in Sydney next week for two  
in-person only events at The University of Sydney. He is one of the world’s  
leading political theorists and historians, and the global authority on the  
theory of ideology.If you’d like to attend one or both events, please  
follow the RSVP links below. If you have any questions about these events,  
please write Prof. Alexandre Lefebvre (alex.lefebvre at sydney.edu.au)Event  
#1Ideology: Picking up the pieces? A conversation with Michael  
FreedenMonday 12 September, 4:00 pm – 5:30 pmUnited States Studies Centre,  
Institute Building (H03)In recent decades, ideology studies have attempted  
to break free from two encumbrances. The one – European – relates to the  
residues of the Marxist conception of ideology as distorted and dogmatic.  
The other – American – is the resort to crude dichotomies as very imperfect  
research tools. In response, ideology studies focused on fluid  
morphological configurations and on uncovering histories that serve as  
suturing palimpsests. Now a newer turning point is emerging, recognizing  
the fragmented and discontinuous nature of ideologies as normal, as well as  
their colloquial and commonplace manifestations. It concerns  
deintellectualization; the brevity of transmitted messages; the  
democracy-challenging super-atomization of voices in the public domain – in  
the US, notably, through its replacement with demotics; the increasing  
speed of change; the easy transfer of ideas across conventional boundaries;  
and a subtle opacity, often unintentionally concealed. Liberal-democratic  
political super-conventions, such as acknowledging electoral defeat, are  
weakened by validating the ideological myth of ‘alternative facts’,  
adopting the guise of epistemological pluralism. And the convention of  
attributing liberal neutrality to the US Supreme Court is outed as a  
spurious ideological device, sustained by enlisting obfuscating  
philosophical abstractions such as Rawls’ public reason. Please  
register here.Event #2Communicating political thought: The inevitability  
and hazards of interpretation Tuesday 13 September, 10-11amSydney Policy  
Lab, RD Watt Building Political information is never directly accessible  
but disseminated through selective filters of interpretation. Some of them  
are designed to distort, crudely or subtly. Others reflect the choice of  
sources employed as evidence or depend on competing understandings of what  
‘the political’ entails. Political interpretation is also always subject to  
variations in collective memory, to cultural shifts, and to the fluidity of  
conceptual morphology. Underlying all that has been a move in political  
theory away from universal truths, decontextualized abstraction, key  
individuals, or the advocacy of stipulative solutions to tenacious  
dilemmas. How might we think about the inevitability and hazards of  
interpretation? What reflections could we share from the practice of policy  
development with communities? And how might this alter our methods in  
communicating political thought? For this special event, please join an  
intimate discussion in the Sydney Policy Lab with Michael Freeden, Emeritus  
Professor of Politics at Oxford University and Professorial Fellow at  
Mansfield College to explore these issues and their potential practical  
consequences. A light morning tea will be served.Tickets are free but  
limited, so registration is essential. To RSVP please click here or reach  
out to the Lab team on policy.lab at sydney.edu.au.

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