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Matt Duncan, "We Are Not Self Made"
Wednesday 3 Aug 2022 ⋅ 15:30 – 17:00
Eastern Australia Time - Sydney

Philosophy Seminar RoomSimulcast via  
Zoom: https://uni-sydney.zoom.us/j/87937027507Abstract: Most  
philosophers who have addressed the topics of personal ontology or personal  
identity have thought that our existence in and through time is objective,  
non-relative, invariant, and totally independent of what we take ourselves  
to be. However, an opposing view is becoming more popular--one whereby what  
we are in and through time depends on, and is determined by, what we take  
ourselves to be. This latter view is intriguing, but I will argue  
that it has a fatal defect—one that applies to any view (whether  
actual or merely potential) whereby what we are is determined by what we  
take ourselves to be. This defect has to do with what might constitute a  
“take” on ourselves. I will argue that there is no way of construing a  
“take” such that we (either individually or corporately) have a take on  
what we are that can do the work defenders of any take-dependent view need  
it to do. Thus, I will conclude that what we are  
is not determined by what we take ourselves to be. In this sense,  
we are not self-made.

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