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In recognition of the impact of the work of Annette Baier, the AAP offers
an annual monetary prize for an outstanding philosophical paper or book
chapter published by an Australasian woman during the previous calendar

The shortlist for 2022 is:

*Rachael Brown*, Is cultural evolution always fast? Challenging the idea
that cognitive gadgets would be capable of rapid and adaptive evolution.
*Synthese* 199, 8965–8989 (2021).
*Heather Dyke, *Weak neo-Whorfianism and the philosophy of time. *Mind &
Language*, 1–14 (2021).
*Melissa Merritt, *Kant and Stoic Affections. *Canadian Journal of
Philosophy*, 51(5), 329–350 (2021).

The winner of the Prize will be announced at the 2022 AAP Conference on
Tuesday 28th June and will precede Jessica Whyte's keynote - the winner of
last year's Annette Baier Prize, see https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/GVfCC81V0PTjBqKMXCn83Ft?domain=aap.org.au

More information about the prize, including full details of the shortlisted
papers, can be found here: https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/WDsJC91WPRTmrqpKzUEWRHP?domain=aap.org.au

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