[SydPhil] Self and Time Workshop May 19-20

Kristie Miller kristie.miller at sydney.edu.au
Tue Apr 26 16:15:35 AEST 2022

The Centre for Time will be running a workshop on Self and Time May 19-20

The event will be hybrid. 

In person attendance will be in the Centre for Time room (next to my office which is room S213) in the main quad at the University of Sydney. Zoom attendance will be via the following link:

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85157325846?pwd=c1Nkc1g2T1U1aGY0MGhnRmdtVVB0dz09 <https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85157325846?pwd=c1Nkc1g2T1U1aGY0MGhnRmdtVVB0dz09>

Times are Sydney time. 

May 19:

 9.00-10.15 Natalja Deng: comments by Brigitte Everett

 ‘Time, Grounding, and Esoteric Metaphysics' 

 10-15-11.30 Wen Yu

'Personites and Prudential/Moral Units’.

 11.30-12.45 Emanuel Viebahn

 'Temporal assertions, temporal indexicals and the direction of time.'

 May 20:

 9.00-10.15 Jordan Lee-Tory

 'Time and alethic openness'

 10.15-11.30 Akiko Frischhut

 'Awareness Without Time: Meditation and the Value of Being in the Present'

 11.30-12.45  Naoyuki Kajimoto:  comments by Shira Yechomovitz

 'Revisionalism of temporal passage'

Professor Kristie Miller
ARC Future Fellow
Joint Director, the Centre for Time
School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry and
The Centre for Time
The University of Sydney
Sydney Australia
Room S213, A 14 Main Quad

kristie.miller at sydney.edu.au
kristie_miller at yahoo.com
Ph: +612 9036 9663

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