[SydPhil] Theist and Atheist Arguments in Indian Philosophy: The Logic and Religion Webinar, April 14

FRANCISCO MARIANO assismariano at ufrn.edu.br
Tue Apr 12 23:00:00 AEST 2022

Dear Colleague,

You are invited to participate in the next session of the Logic and
Religion Webinar Series which will be held on April 14, 2022, at 4pm CET
with the topic:

Theist and Atheist Arguments in Indian Philosophy

*Speaker*: Sachchidanand Mishra (Benares Hindu University, India)

*Chair*: Agnieszka Rostalska (Ghent University, Belgium)

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Abstract: For a long time, philosophers have been proposing arguments to
prove or to deny the existence of God. This attitude can be witnessed in
western philosophy as well as in Indian Philosophy. In Indian philosophy,
the theist arguments are put forward mainly by the Nyāya Vaiśeṣika school.
Only a few arguments are proposed by the Yoga Philosophers. But if there is
a debate between the theist and atheist, the onus is on the theist to prove
God's existence. The atheist only has to show that the arguments are not
capable of proving the existence of God conclusively. This is the dominant
attitude in Indian Philosophy. The Cārvāka, the Buddhists, the Jainas, the
Sāṅkhyas, and even the Mīmāṁsakas and the Vedāntins have put forward
atheist arguments to prove the incapability of the theist arguments in
proving the existence of God. In this webinar, I would try to evaluate the
arguments from both sides as presented by Indian philosophers.

With best wishes,

Francisco de Assis Mariano

The University of Missouri-Columbia

LARA Secretary
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