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Title: Sam Baron, Platonism and Intra-mathematical Explanation”
Zoom link: https://uni-sydney.zoom.us/j/89100721621*In-person in the  
seminar room and simulcast via Zoom*I introduce an argument for  
mathematical Platonism based on intra-mathematical explanation: the  
explanation of one mathematical fact by another. The argument is  
important for two reasons. First, if the argument succeeds then  
it provides a basis for Platonism that does not proceed via standard  
indispensability considerations. Second, if the argument fails it can  
only do so for one of three reasons: either because there are no  
intra-mathematical explanations, or because not all explanations are  
backed by dependence relations, or because some form of noneism---the  
view according to which non-existent entities possess properties and stand  
in relations---is true. The argument thus forces a choice between  
nominalism without noneism, intra-mathematical explanation and a  
backing conception of explanation. You can have any two, but not all  
When: Wed 30 Mar 2022 15:30 – 17:00 Eastern Australia Time - Sydney
Where: Philosophy Seminar Room
Calendar: Seminars
     * elhulme at gmail.com- creator

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