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Wed Feb 9 20:57:32 AEDT 2022

We’re writing to announce the launch of the Eastern Hemisphere Language &
Metaphysics Network. The key objectives of the network are:

·         To promote collaboration and strengthen connections between
scholars and institutions in the Asia-Australasia region (broadly construed
to include Russia, West and South Asia, and Oceania), with an emphasis on
research, activities, and initiatives focused on issues concerning language
or metaphysics.

·         To promote interaction and exchange of ideas between the language
and metaphysics communities in Asia-Australasia and other parts of the

Our website, which contains basic information about the network, is
available here: www.ehlm.org<https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/5L6_CMwGxOtqZz2XKsw0zWF?domain=ehlm.org>

The initial plan for the network is to organize and host a series of
regular online meetings, with meetings taking place every 2-3 months. The
network can also help promote events hosted by particular institutions.
Later, depending on the level of interest and participation (and funding
and pandemics…), the network may host an annual or bi-annual workshop or

The schedule for the inaugural meeting is included at the end of this
message. In case you would like to attend you can register here:
. We would be grateful if you could:

1.      Let us know if you’re interested in giving a talk at one of the
network meetings by completing the presentation proposal Google Form. The
form can be found here:

2.      Share this announcement with anyone you think might be interested
in the network’s activities.

3.      Also: In case anybody wants to be added to the mailing list,
removed from the list, or change the email address they use for the list,
please go to this Google Form:


If you have problems accessing either of the Google Forms, please contact
us at ehlm.contact at ehlm.org<mailto:ehlm.contact at ehlm.org> .

We very much hope for your interest, support, and participation.  Thank you
for reading!

Best wishes,

Hsiang-Yun Chen (Academica Sinica)

Heather Dyke (University of Otago)

Naoya Fujikawa (University of Tokyo)

Kristie Miller (University of Sydney)

Nikolaj Jang Lee Linding Pedersen (Yonsei University)

Hao Tang (Tsinghua University)

Joseph Ulatowski (University of Waikato)

Jeremy Wyatt (University of Waikato)

Inaugural meeting of the Eastern Hemisphere Language & Metaphysics Network

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Schedule (China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong Time|+1hr = Japan &
Korea|+3hrs = Sydney|+5hrs = New Zealand)

  - 9.00 - 9.10am: introductory remarks.
  - 9.10 - 9.45am: Kai-Yuan Cheng (National Yang-Ming Chiao-Tung
  University): The Incongruence Problem in Locke’s Theory of Personal
  - 9.45 - 9.55am: Comments by Mike LeBuffe (University of Otago)
  - 9.55 - 10.20am: Q & A.
  - 10.20 - 10.30am: Break.
  - 10.30 - 11.05am: Justine Kingsbury (University of Waikato): Taking
  taniwha seriously: a step towards intercultural respect
  - 11.05 - 11.15am: Comments by Reina Saijo (Osaka University)
  - 11.15 - 11.40am: Q & A.
  - 11.40 - 11.45am: closing remarks.

Zoom registration link:
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