[SydPhil] REMINDER: Paul Redding at the UNSW Philosophy Seminar on 'Duality of Form (and Unity of Content) in Hegel's Theory of Judgment'. June 29, 12.30-2pm, online

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Mon Jun 28 11:53:08 AEST 2021

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Philosophy Seminar Series 2021

 Speaker: Paul Redding, University of Sydney

Duality of Form (and Unity of Content) in Hegel’s Theory of Judgment

Abstract: Two underlying forms of judgment structure can be found running through Hegel’s account of judgments and inferences in the subjective logic of The Science of Logic. Each form can be found in the history of European logic, reflecting judgments as understood within the Aristotelian logic of terms on the one hand and the Stoic logic of propositions on the other. A similar duality of judgment structure can be found in George Boole’s logic in the mid-nineteenth century, in his distinction between “primary” and “secondary” judgments.

While Boolean logic has continued in other areas such as computer science, in philosophy it was largely replaced by the “quantified predicate calculus” developed by Frege and Russell. Frege had criticised Boole’s dualist logical structures, saying they ran in “parallel” and had no “organic connection”. His own alternative had effectively eliminated Aristotelian term-logical or subject–predicate judgments by analysing the propositions of propositional logic in novel ways.

In this paper I argue that qua logician, Hegel should be classed with the Boolean tradition, along with sophisticated post-Booleans like C. S. Peirce and Hugh MacColl (the first modern modal logician) rather than with the rival tradition initiated by Frege and Russell, as argued by Robert Brandom. Moreover, Hegel had an explicit and novel solution to the problem Frege saw facing Boole and that also faces modern modal logic. In it he drew upon a phenomenon that came to be recognized in areas of nineteenth century geometry, where the notion of “duality” challenged the traditional ways of thinking of relations of points and lines. Generalized to logic, Hegel’s solution challenges the dichotomy of conceptual atomism and conceptual holism, and has profound but largely ignored consequences for his metaphysics.

Presenter: Paul Redding is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at the University of Sydney. His work to date has mainly centred on attempts to show the contemporary relevance of ideas from German Idealism, especially Hegel’s version. Most recently this has focussed upon the interpretation of Hegel’s logic and the relevance of this for understanding his philosophy more generally.

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29th June 2021

12.30 pm – 2 pm

This event is free.

Click Here for Zoom Link<https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/fn3oCq71mwf86X8NYIZ8z4F?domain=unsw.zoom.us>

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