[SydPhil] AIPNSW Podcast Club: "Does Time Exist?"

Tibor info at brainwaves.com.au
Wed Oct 28 14:46:43 AEDT 2020

"Does Time Exist?"


The NSW Branch of the Australian Institute of Physics is hosting an online
event on Wednesday 4th November, at 8pm:


(1) Before this event: listen to the BBC's 'Infinite Monkey Cage' podcast
"Does Time Exist?", starring Brian Cox, Robin Ince, Carlo Rovelli, et al.:



(2) Join astrophysicist Prof Geraint Lewis (USyd) and philosopher of science
Tibor Molnar (USyd) in a Zoom conversation next Wednesday evening at 8pm, to
discuss/debate/ponder the nature of time.

Details and registration here:



Tibor G Molnar MRSN

Honorary Research Associate, Department of Philosophy

University of Sydney

@: Tibor.Molnar at sydney edu au


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