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Title: Philosophy Department Seminar: Sarita Rosenstock (ANU)
The next philosophy department seminar will take place on 14 October at  
3:30pm on Zoom. Please find more details about the talk and the Zoom link  
below.----------A Category Theoretic Framework for Physical  
RepresentationSarita Rosenstock (ANU)Abstract: It is increasingly popular  
for philosophers of science to use category theory, the  
mathematical theory of structure, to adjudicate debates about the  
(in)equivalence of formal physical theories. In this talk, I discuss  
the theoretical foundations of this strategy. I introduce the  
concept of a “representation diagram" as a way to scaffold narrative  
accounts of how mathematical gadgets represent target systems, and  
demonstrate how their content can be effectively summarised by what I call  
a “structure category". I argue that the narrative accounts contain  
the real content of an act of physical representation, and  
the category theoretic methodology serves only to make that  
content precise and conducive to further analysis. In particular, one  
can use tools from category theory to assess whether one  
physical formalism thus presented has more "properties", "structure",  
or "stuff" than another according to a given narrative about how they both  
purport to represent the same physical systems. ----------Hi there,  
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When: Wed 14 Oct 2020 15:30 – 17:00 Eastern Australia Time - Sydney
Where: https://uni-sydney.zoom.us/j/85286468488
Calendar: Seminars
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