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Tristan Bradshaw tristan.bradshaw at me.com
Fri Mar 13 09:51:37 AEDT 2020

Dear all,

Just a reminder that the first Critical Antiquities Workshop is taking place on Monday, March 16th. 

In our first workshop, we are delighted to host Dimitris Vardoulakis (Western Sydney University) who will present his paper working ‘Spinoza, the Epicurean.’ 

The Critical Antiquities Workshop will run monthly during the academic year in 2020. The workshop will host a range of local, national, and international scholars who will present working papers on the intersection of ancient traditions and contemporary critical theory broadly conceived. 

Here are the complete details for Dimitris’ talk:

Date: Monday, March 16th 

Time: Noon (for a 12:15 start) — 1:45pm.

Location: CCANESA Boardroom, 
Madsen Building on Eastern Ave (at the City Road end)    
University of Sydney  

I present here the main argument of my new book, Spinoza, the Epicurean (2020). This book is the first to make a case for reading Spinoza 		as an epicurean, and especially his political philosophy in the Theological Political Treatise. I will explain how it develops an original conception of materialism in modernity. Spinoza, the Epicurean suggests a new account of practical judgment that has direct implications for how Spinoza can helps us conceive of the possibility of democracy in the age of neoliberalism. This argument is based on a new interpretation of epicureanism and its influence in early modernity.

Dimitris Vardoulakis was the inaugural chair of Philosophy at Western Sydney University. He is the author of The Doppelgänger: Literature’s Philosophy (2010), Sovereignty and its Other: Toward the Dejustification of Violence (2013), Freedom from the Free Will: On Kafka’s Laughter (2016), Stasis Before the State: Nine Theses on Agonistic Democracy (2018), and Spinoza, the Epicurean (2020). He is the director of “Thinking Out Loud: The Sydney Lectures in Philosophy and Society,” and the co-editor of the book series “Incitements” (Edinburgh University Press).

Best wishes,

Tristan Bradshaw
Critical Antiquities Network

Adjunct lecturer
Government and International Relations
University of Sydney 

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