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Title: Chris Lean

Invasive Species and Biodiversity Realism

Australia and New Zealand have implemented large invasive species control  
programs with Predator Free New Zealand and Australia’s pledge to kill 2  
million cats by 2020. These programs have received heavy criticism,  
particularly from invasive species sceptics based in the USA and Europe. I  
aim to clarify and address the strongest argument that has emerged in the  
recent literature. Invasive species sceptics argue that the control of  
invasive species is a form of xenophobia, there is no sound reason to  
control invasive species or even prefer native species over non-natives.  
Preferences for natives are just prejudice, a prejudice not always held by  
the layperson. The public often shows affection to our alien compatriots;  
for example, the public support for Brumbies in Snowy Mountains, or the  
wish to preserve deer in New Zealand to maintain deer hunting. Critics of  
invasion biology have argued that invasive species do not destroy  
ecosystems but instead create “novel ecosystems”. These novel ecosystems  
are claimed to be more biodiverse than extant ecosystems and across the  
globe most local ecosystem patches have increased in biodiversity! These  
more biodiverse ecosystems will provide more ecosystem services than extant  
ecosystems and, therefore, are more valuable. This position is only  
possible with the following assumptions about how we justify conservation.  
First, public interest or opinion should determine our stance towards the  
control of species. Second, the direct monetary value of ecosystem services  
is the only justification for conservation past public interest. Third,  
biodiversity can be flexibly defined. Four, the analogy with xenophobia in  
human migration is sufficient to reject invasion science. I reject all  
these assumptions. Once we see that there is more to conservation then  
opinion and immediate monetary gains, we can see that such slippery stances  
defending invasive species are not justified
When: Thu 28 Nov 2019 15:00 – 16:30 Eastern Australia Time - Sydney
Calendar: Current Projects
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