[SydPhil] Pleasure, Preference, and Value - Philosophy workshop at UNSW - 12 December

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Mon Nov 18 10:07:35 AEDT 2019

Pleasure, Preference, and Value: a Workshop

12 December 2019



Morven Brown 310

In this workshop, four philosophers will present work-in-progress on the general topic of pleasure, and its relation to evaluation, judgment, and action.  All are welcome!

Cain Todd (Lancaster), “Taste, Pleasure, and Valence”

Anik Waldow (Sydney), “Reflective Pleasures: Hume on Judgement”

Alix Cohen (Edinburgh), “Epistemic Pleasure and Judgment”

Melissa Merritt (New South Wales), “Pleasure and Orientation in Kant and Stoicism”

Cain Todd is Senior Lecturer at the University of Lancaster.  His research focuses on the nature of emotion and imagination with a view to outlining their roles in value judgement.  He is the author of The Philosophy of Wine (Acumen 2010), and the editor (with Sabine Roeser) of Emotion and Value (Oxford UP 2014).

Anik Waldow is Associate Professor at the University of Sydney.  Her work focuses mostly on early modern philosophy, examining topics such as the moral and cognitive function of sympathy, theories of personal identity, the role of affect in the formation of the self, scepticism and associationist theories of thought and language. She is the author of Experience Embodied: Early Modern Accounts of the Human Place in Nature (Oxford UP 2020) and Hume and the Problem of Other Minds (Continuum 2009).

Alix Cohen is Reader at the University of Edinburgh.  Her work focuses on Kant, with particular attention to his account of the emotions and his development of anthropology.  She is the author of Kant on the Human Sciences: Biology, Anthropology, and History (Palgrave 2009), and the editor of several volumes including, with Robert Stern, Thinking about the Emotions: A Philosophical History (Oxford UP 2017) and Kant on Emotions and Value (Palgrave 2014).

Melissa Merritt is Associate Professor and ARC Future Fellow at UNSW.  She is currently working on a long-term project examining Stoic philosophy and its impact on Kant’s ethics.  She is the author of Kant on Reflection and Virtue (Cambridge UP 2018) and The Sublime (Cambridge UP 2018).

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