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Title: Justin D'Amrosio (ANU)
Orwellian Communication

I describe a distinctive form of manipulative communication that I call  
Orwellian communication, and the speech act characteristic of it:  
pied-piping. In pied-piping, a speaker strategically chooses and utters  
words that are descriptively impoverished but morally valenced, and does so  
with the intention of getting an audience to agree with them, and so  
undertake a certain course of action. However, in uttering terms with these  
features, the pied-piper does not intend to communicate any particular  
proposition or range of propositions. Rather, the pied-piper exploits  
variation in an audience's interpretation of a term, along with audience's  
background evaluative commitments, in order to manufacture agreement, and  
so prompt action. Thus, I call the intentions involved in pied-piping  
purely manipulative linguistic intentions; Orwellian communication occurs  
when such intentions are realized. Purely manipulative linguistic  
intentions are essentially hidden -- recognition of these intentions by an  
audience prevents them from being realized. It follows that in Orwellian  
communication, the speaker does not speaker-mean or assert anything with  
her utterance. I then discuss connections between pied-piping, dog  
whistling, sloganeering, and various forms of propaganda.

NB: Tea starts at 15:15...there will be tim tams....
When: Wed 23 Oct 2019 15:30 – 17:00 Eastern Australia Time - Sydney
Calendar: Seminars
     * sequoiah at gmail.com- creator

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